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UnME Jeans: Branding in Web 2.0 Case Write-up

1. What benefits would Foley gain from each of the three social medial plans? What risks does each entail? How can Foley better reap the benefits and mitigate the risks of each of the programs?

Through graphs in this case, we know that most of the online customers who use social networking sites are teenagers and young adults. That means these three social medias suit to UnME Jeans, since it targets to junior denim market.

For Zwinktopia, it is really a fashion virtual retail store. Avatars are the best way of self-expression in the virtual world. Foley can gain more consumer engagement from Zwinktopia. It uses an entertaining way to create brand awareness and has separate brand channels for promotion purposes.

For Facebook, since it is one of the fastest growing sites, it can bring more brand awareness. Followers of UnME Jeans profile page can share UnME Jeans to their friends using new feed to promote more engagement. The discussion forum built more interaction between consumers and brands, consumers and consumers.

For YouTube, there is no doubt that video is a very good way to deliver brand massages to the consumers. UnME Jeans can deliver brand story to attract potential customers. Since YouTube has large number of users, it can create brand awareness and attract more potential customers.

However, since social media enhance the interaction between customers to customers, the company may lose control the contents. Bad avatars of Zwinktopia can make negative influence on brand. People may write harmful comments in Facebook discussion forum. On YouTube, people may upload a bad video and make a connection with UnME Jeans. That’s really terrible thing for a company. The best solution for that is protection. When these things happen, the UnME Jeans must inform social media company.

The other risk…...

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