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Unit 37: Csr

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CSR - how companies manage the business processes to produce an overall positive impact on society. ( Stakeholders | Interests | Power | Examples | Shareholders | Want a good return on their investment | Massive, biggest one. Decide everything about the company. | | Employees | Fair pay and working conditions | Pretty big still as they work there, but they still have to do as they are told. | | Managers | Fair pay and working conditions | Higher than employees as need happy managers to have happy employees. | | Customers | Fair price and a safe product | Very important as need they to be able to make money on product, so keeping customers happy is a priority. Word of mouth high power. | | Suppliers | Regular business and prompt payment | Need to keep them happy to get good deals on all supplies. Can stop supplying or put prices up. | | Banks and other financial organisations | Loan repayments on time and consistent. | Need to keep them happy as they could ask for their loan back in full at any time. | | Government | Employment for local community. | Pretty big as they control all legislation, keep them happy, the law stays in your favour. | | Trade Unions | Fair pay to employees and good working conditions. Everyone gets treated the same no matter on background. | Need to keep these happy otherwise they will cause a strike against your company. | | Pressure Groups | Less pollution, jobs and minimum disruption to local area. Any ethical standpoints. | These matter the least amount as they won’t actually affect the money in the business, but keeping them happy is important as they can bring bad press about the business. | | Media | Keepings the public informed on all issues, monitor company actions, health and wellbeing of the local community. | | |

Music industry; * Should kids be allowed to get into it? * Do the artists get paid enough? * Are all the artists good enough to be role models?
* Discrimination – racial, sexual etc. * Favourites *…...

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...ROLE OF HUMAN RESOURCE (HR) FOR CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (CSR). Ms. Suhas Diwate Name of Author/Co-Author: Suhas B. Diwate Institutional Affiliations: Asst. Professor (HRM- Department of Management Studies), Bapurao Deshmukh College of Engineering, Sewagram Correspondence Address: Suhas B. Diwate C/o B.M. Diwate, Gajanan Nagar. Near Z.P. Colony. Wardha-442001 ( Maharashtra) Contact Details: • E-mail ID- • Mob: +91 8087293033 • Fax No: NA Title of paper: “ Role of HR for CSR” ABSTRACT: Concept of CSR A Business Unit is in society, within which it operates. This speaks of a number of stakeholders to which the organization has a responsibility. The social responsibility of business encompasses the economic, legal, ethical and discretionary expectations of that society have of organizations at a given point in time. The Concept of CSR originated in the 1950s in USA. CSR became a matter of utmost importance of diverse groups demanding change in business. It is a voluntary assumption of responsibilities that go beyond the economic and legal responsibilities of corporations. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) covers all aspects of an organization’s operation, inter-alia the relations with stakeholders including the employees as one of them. Business cannot exist in isolation. They need the......

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