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Unit 18

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National Diploma Level 3

Unit 18

Managing a Business Event

The Omega Dubai Ladies Masters Golf Tournament 2015

Meshary Ghouth

P1: Describe the skills required of an event organiser.

* Time management * Organization * Attention to detail * Ability to creatively solve problems * Flexibility * Leader ship * Determination * Communication * Cope with stress * Staying calm at all times
This is my initial list of the skills required but an event organiser. Then we had a class choice to create the final list.

Skills | Describe | * Time management | Time management Is a Key thing to have in an event organiser, you need to be able to stick to deadlines so that what you need to be done is done at the right time. Step by step plans and goals to make for each weak is a good idea to do when managing your time because you’re able to work off something and tick off the things that are done. | * Staying calm at all times | Sometimes you are hit with a lot of things at the same time when being an event manager, if you freak out, it’s really hard to focus on one thing at a time, staying calm will help you finish one thing at a time to the greatest of its extent. | * Organization | Organization is a crucial thing in being an event organizer, you need to be able to know what you’re doing each week and stick to the deadlines you give yourself or that is giving to you, also making sure that everything is happing to your needs and knowing what is happing at all time, knowing everything is going according to plan and the way you want. | * Attention to detail | The golf tournament is a big deal to golfers all around the world, The event organiser needs to make sure they keep their attention to details of the whole organisation, they make sure the people that pay for the expensive seats, are able to…...

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