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Abstract of unicon investment solutionUnicon customers have the advantage of trading in all the market segments together in the same window, as we understand the need of transactions to be executed with high speed and reduced time. At the same time, they have the advantage of having all Advisory Services for Life Insurance, General Insurance, Mutual Funds and IPO’s also.

Unicon is a customer focused financial services organization providing a range of investment solutions to our customers. We work with clients to meet their overall investment objectives and achieve their financial goals. Our clients have the opportunity to get personalized services depending on their investment profiles. Our personalized approach enables clients to achieve their Total Investment Objectives.

Our key product offerings are as follows: | | | | | | | Equity | | | Commodity | | | Depository | | | Distribution | | | NRI Services | | | Back Office | | | Fixed Income | | | Investment Banking | | | Currency Derivatives | | | Portfolio Management | | | |

What is green management practices….?
Since the 1990s, the Sony Group has focused on a variety of environmental activities. These include developing environmentally conscious products, reducing the environmental impact of its sites and promoting product recycling. Since 1998, Sony has formulated uniform environmental mid-term targets that encompass its operations around the world, and has revised these targets every few years. At the end of fiscal 2009, Sony formulated Green Management 2015, a set of new mid-term targets that will serve as a yardstick for the environmental activities of Sony Group companies and divisions worldwide until fiscal 2015. Green Management 2015 will go into effect in fiscal 2011 and Sony will disclose its progress periodically.…...

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