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U.S. Releasing 6000 Inmates from Prison

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U.S. to Release 6,000 Inmates from Prisons Imagine being in prison for a crime that should have had a lesser time sentence, however, the sentence was rule for a longer time sentence. Is it also right to be sentence for a long sentence for entering another country illegal? I believe that the decision that was made for releasing the nonviolent and undocumented immigrants will have a positive impact in society. This will prove to society that the United States has a fair justice system. It will also prove that you will also have a fair trial and the correct time sentences. However, there are still others that believe this will only cause more crime or give the drug dealers another opportunity to do it again. The Author Michael S. Schmidt wrote the article as this will be “the largest discharges of inmates from federal prisons in American history.” In this article, “U.S. to Release 6,000 Inmates from Prisons”, the author Michael S. Schmidt makes an effective argument on the positive outcomes for releasing inmates from the federal prisons.

The author’s article pointed out the effective outcome for the inmates and how it will reduce prison pollution. He strongly presented that the inmates will be united with family and friends. They will also have the opportunity to work, because of the skills they learned while in prison. However, he also wrote about how some people believe this will be an ineffective outcome. His article present that the crime rate may start decreasing instead of increasing when justices is serve honestly. His emotion in this article is compassionate and confident. The sources the author used supported his argument on this positive outcome. He used several articles and an inmate interview to support his decision. The author provided effective credibility and emotions throughout the article. He quoted Jesselyn McCurdy statement” Today’s announcement is nothing short of thrilling because it carries justice.” Jesselyn is a senior legislative counsel at the American Civil Liberties Union. She believes that releasing the injustice will change the way most people feel about the misguided polices. He also used other sources to support his argument from an executive from ShotSpotter (Promotes a system for detecting gunfire), Eric H. Holder Jr. (attorney general), Sally Q. Yates (deputy attorney general), President Obama, Donald Trump, Josh Earnest (White House press secretary), and Mr. Papa (inmate). However, the author did not present the exact number of inmates that were going to be release in each state to the audience. He also did not use stats or the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics to present the number of federal prisoners recently to support his argument on this will reduce prison population. He also did not mention how many undocumented immigrants are being held in federal prison. For example, Doug Mills from New York Times, the author of the same story, used a graph to present the number of federal inmates that was convicted for nonviolent drug dealers in the 1980’s and 90’s. This gives the audience a better understanding of how much inmates was involved. Another article from the Washington Post author, used numbers of inmates involved by using the Bureau of Prisons website as a great outsource for the audience. However, the author Schmidt had enough outside sources to support his point of view. Both authors used more outside sources, but I believe the tone of those authors lack confidence compare to the author Schmidt. Often time, the tone of the author capture’s most audience attention, by being confident of the information being send out.

The author Schmidt in this article handle his opposing point quit well. He was extremely respectful throughout the article. He pointed out some important individual’s comments and concern about the decision of the inmates. His article presents a good outcome instead of a bad one. He only presented one comment from a present 12 years serving inmate, who had a positive attitude. The author also presented to the audience both side of the parties who agree or disagree with the release of the inmates.
The structure of the article was excellent. The author was extremely confident that the release of roughly 6,000 inmates will have a positive impact on society, despite what others may believe. He was clear about the announcement and kept it straight to the point. This article gave the audience a clear define message of how both parties felt about the decision.
The author of the article was very conniving, with the decision being made about the prisons release. He describes several facts on how this decision would make a difference in the world. He also supports the president decision and believes society will do the same.
In my opinion, the author did a well written article that can capture a broad audience attention. The author was very diverse and respectable with his statements. When he wrote about the negatively from other individuals, he did not make a negative comment along with it. He wrote about how he felt and others with details of being negative and positive points of view. Because he wrote about both parties without being disrespectful, I believe that it will not turn off some audiences. It will actually attract more diverse audiences. In the past, I have read some articles by authors who are not bias. They believe on one side of the story, instead of giving both sides without adding their own opinions. Overall, I believe this was an excellent and clear written article.

Kevin Lamarque. (2015). Washington Post. U.S to release 6,000 federal prisoners. Doug Mills/the New York Time. U.S. to r release 6,000 federal prisoners.…...

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