Two Voices

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Two Voices
You can either find happiness in what work you do, or do the work that makes you happy.
Ashley was the Director of Accounts at a big multinational firm. She was a hard working employee. It was a tiring and hectic job, which barely gave her time for herself let alone for her friends and family. She had gotten the job 6 months ago, after being promoted. She had worked really hard to secure the position. She had sacrificed on a portion of her pastimes and activities outside of the workplace. After 6 months of having her job, she had finally begun to manage her time a little better than earlier. She had realized that it would take her a good amount of time to get what she wanted in life; be content and happy while doing her job. Her new job made it hard for her to find happiness so soon. She knew that she could find happiness if she kept working at the firm but for that, she would have to manage her time better. At the start, after she got the job, she had to miss her best friend’s birthday party because her boss required her to stay back and go through some of the files and accounts of some very important clients. But last week, due to an improvement in her time management skills, she was able to attend her parents 40th wedding anniversary party. She missed only the first 25 minutes of the anniversary party.
She would only be happy if she was able to take out proper time for her family and friends. So far, it seemed like a difficult task. She had come to the realization that it would probably take her a year more at least to settle in properly, learn her way…...

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