Two Day Training Seminar

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Two Day Training Seminar

The organization has decided to conduct a two day training seminar for its customers. The project manager for this particular project will be the organizations Training Director. The Training Director will be responsible for staff acquisition The Training Manager will coordinate the training vendor with the help of the Training Assistant.
First, a Needs Analysis will be performed to determine the training objectives and ensure support from the training team. This process should only take approximately 1 day to complete. Once the Needs Analysis is complete the team will begin the process of planning the actual training seminar.
The next stage of the project will involve identifying the attendees and the trainer for the seminar. While indentifying the attendees can be accomplished by the Training Assistant, the Training Manager will take steps to identify the proper training vendor for the seminar. Special care should be taken to insure that the proper training vendor is selected. Once selected, the Training Manager and the vendor will complete the process by signing the appropriate confidentiality and training agreement.
Once the attendees have been identified, and the vendor selected, the next step in the project will be to select a facility and arrange for the attendees and trainers transportation to that facility. In this instance, a hotel with ample meeting facilities should suffice. This would provide hotel accommodations and meeting space within the same location eliminating the needs to provide transportation to and from the training facility.
Lastly, the seminar will be conducted in a two day time period, after which feedback will be collected from the attendees. The attendees should not only provide feedback on the quality and usefulness of the seminar, but also on the quality of the training vendor as well. This provides the…...

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