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Tour Operations
Inclusive Tour Programme

Compiled by Linda Cigurova

As a representative of the ‘’Travel Wizards’’ tour operator, I have completed a requested research report on the factors that could affect demand for holidays in the chosen destination for our newly designed inclusive tour programme. The contents of the report are as follows: political, social, legal, environmental and technological factors that could affect demand for this holiday, evaluation of two competitor offers and market research with attached example questionnaire.
The inclusive tour programme designed by the “Travel Wizards” is a ranch-based holiday in Arizona, USA tailored for novice and experienced horse riders. Several flight options are available from various departure points within UK to suit customers’ individual preferences. The accommodation are different types of ranches, varying between a working ranch, guest ranch, working/guest ranch or luxurious ranch with gourmet food. Customers can also choose the intensity of riding, as some may prefer a compromise between riding and spa treatments, tennis, golf or sightseeing stunning places, such as the Grand Canyon. The price for this holiday package are per person, based on a double occupancy available from 4 up to 14 nights. Flights, accommodation, meals, most of the ranch activities, taxes and transfers are included in the price.

Research Report
Political Factors
Terrorism Threat – The terrorism threat is general. The attacks could be indiscriminate, including locations frequented by foreigners. The threat against UK citizens and interests is considered to be hightened and fueled by the conflict in Iraq and Syria.

Relations – Close connection between the United States and the United Kingdom is called a "Special Relationship", as it characterizes the strong ties between the two governments – historical and lingual - and their joint effort against global terrorism. Moreover, the countries share vast trade and economic relations and they are among the other's top trading partners. Both are among the founders of the United Nations, NATO, World Trade Organization and G-8.

Consulate of the United Kingdom - United Kingdom is represented by consulates in Phoenix, Arizona and 20 other establishments in the United States. They deal with a wide range of political, security, economic and commercial queries of interest to both countries. Safety and Security - Violent crime rarely involves tourists, but nonetheless tourists should take precautions when travelling to unfamiliar areas. They should take sensible steps to protect themselves and their property against petty crime, for instance by not leaving documents in rental cars.

Social Factors
Demographics – Male and female ratio in the state of Arizona is respectively 49.7 % and 50.3%. Total population is 6,246,816 with 7.4% under 5 years old, 74.2% 18 years old and over, and 13.3% 65 years old and over.

Health Factors – No major recent health issues were noted, but there are occasional outbreaks of mosquito-borne diseases. Suitable steps against the insects should be taken.

Language and Attitude Towards Tourists – English is the official language in the state and 80% of the population in the USA speaks it, which makes it easy for UK tourists to communicate. Americans have positive attitude towards tourists, as there was no negative information found on the internet during research.
Legal Factors
Entry Procedures – These are quite manageable for tourists. Passport should be valid for the proposed duration of the stay and no additional period of validity is needed. The Visa Waiver Program (VWP) allows British Citizens to travel to the United States without a visa for 90 days or less, conditioned by being eligible to use the programme. The types of journey covered by this include tourism, certain types of business visits and transit to another country. Foreign nationals with British passports do not qualify for entry and will need to apply for a visa.

Currency Restrictions - There is no limit on the amount of money that can be taken in or out of the country. However, if individuals traveling together have more than $10,000 in currency, they must fill out a joint declaration.

Disability Acts - Many of the state’s lodging facilities, attractions and events are compliant with the guidelines set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act. This prohibits discrimination and ensures equal access to state and local government services, public accommodations, commercial facilities and transportation.

Availability of Routes – There are 4 International Airports and more than 80 other airports, with Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport being the main in the state. This offers abundance of routes to choose from. Additionally, public transport options are available, for individuals planning to visit other states.

Driving Licence - The minimum age requirement to rent a car is 21 years. The driver must have a full, valid driving licence held for at least 1 year. Due to recent changes to rules for UK driving licence holders, details of any endorsements and penalty points are now exclusively stored online, thus will need to be printed from the DVLA website before the hire.

Smoking Laws – Smoking is banned in and within 20 feet of an entrance of a workplace, including bars and restaurants. The exceptions are private residences, retail tobacco stores, private clubs and stage performances.

Environmental Factors Natural Disasters – Despite the USA being prone to cataclysms, the state of Arizona is a fairly safe place to visit with the city of Phoenix being one of the safest cities in America. Region rarely experiences major earthquakes and tremor activity. Severe wildfires occassionally occur in the forested area of the state. There are no major environmentally fragile areas or natural erosion caused by large groups of tourists. Pollution, Environmental Issues – The Grand Canyon State is visited by people from across the globe. However, the breathtaking scenery is often disrupted by air pollution largely caused by the Navajo Generating Station. The view distance is often reduced by 100miles due to pollution. It also causes severe heart and respiratory conditions. Additionally, logging and uranium mining threaten the Grand Canyon park area, home to old pine forest and the Kaibab mule deer.

Technological Factors
Education of Destination – Detailed information on this holiday can be found on our company website. General information can be found in the internet, on numerous websites, forums, social media pages, etc.

Internet Access – Over 50% of the UK and American householders have access to the Internet. Fairly higher percentage also has television at home, where this destination is being frequently advertised. However, there are people with no access to either internet, or television, who are likely to miss the advertisements and would have to visit a company branch to be able to book the holiday.
Technological Capability of Healthcare – Healthcare in Arizona is highly advanced. Newest advancements, such as the electronic health record has been introduced and the percentage of US hospitals using EHR have risen rapidly.

Evaluation of Competitors’ Products
Independent Tour Operator ‘’Ranch Rider’’

* Same type of package to same destination Ranch Rider offers a ranch-based holiday in Arizona, USA. The price includes cottage accommodation, meals, most ranch activities and taxes. Wide range of departure points and dates are available and the holiday lasts 7 days. * Same type of package to different destination
This is a ranch-based holiday in South Africa. Price includes accommodation on the ranch with a variety of rooms, meals, activities, game rides/drives and taxes. Wide choice of departure points and dates are available. Furthermore, add-ons such as city stay, garden route tour, blue train journey are available during this 4 -10 day holiday.

* Different type of package to same destination
The Ultimate Grand Canyon Journey is a non-riding holiday package offered to the same destination. This whitewater rafting holiday includes 187 miles of rafting over 6 days. The price includes lodging, meals, equipment hire and taxes.

Independent Tour Operator ‘’Unicorn Trails’’

* Same type of package to same destination
Unicorn Trails offer a ranch-based holiday in Arizona, USA. Accommodation in the ranch within regular or deluxe rooms, horse riding, meals, drinks and taxes are included in the price. Transfers are covered only with 4 night-long and longer stays. Unlimited departure dates are available, as the ranch operates all year round. The holiday lasts 7 nights. Other activities are available within the ranch, as well.

* Same type of package to different destination
The price for this ranch-based holiday in Spain includes meals, riding, English speaking guide and accommodation in twin en-suite bedrooms. Transfers and spa are not included in the price. The holiday is 6 nights long and there are various departure dates available. However, it is not suitable for beginners as it requires certain riding skills - walk, trot and canter, as well as physical fitness.

* Different type of package to same destination
Grand Canyon Trail in Arizona is a holiday that offers riding and different accommodation throughout the stay. It lasts 6 days and is not ranch-based. Riding skill in rough terrain and physical fitness is required for long hours in the saddle. The price includes all lodging, meals, camping equipment, horses, guide and transfers.

Please note, that flights are not included in the price of the above packages.

After reviewing the competitors I have come to a conclusion that my tour operator ‘’Travel Wizards’’ has more advantages than disadvantages in comparison. Firstly, my holiday package price includes flights and transfers, as opposed to the other two companies. Therefore, a customer booking a holiday with ‘’Travel Wizards’’ will be paying once, as opposed to several payments. Nevertheless, there is a wide variety of departure dates and points to choose from. Secondly, most of the holiday offers researched above are tailored for experienced riders which might discourage customers interested in learning the basics. That is why my tour operator offers holiday suitable for beginners and experienced riders. Lastly, ‘’Travel Wizards’’ offers a choice between working ranch, guest ranch, working/guest ranch or luxurious ranch.
The only visible disadvantage are the lower prices for competitor offers, with excluded flight costs. However, I doubt that would hold the customers back, after inquiring about the items included in the price. Overall, I believe that the arguments mentioned give ‘’Travel Wizards’’ a unique selling point over the competitors.

Market Research
Marketing research was conducted in form of a questionnaire in order to ascertain demand for this newly designed holiday programme. Its main objectives were to research attitudes/opinions on booking holidays in general and specific activity holiday such as riding holiday. The questionnaire was carried out by email and is available at our office as well as on our website. Below you will find an example of the questionnaire.

The word count for the Research Report and Market Research is 1,490 words. It does not include Introduction, Example of a Questionnaire and References.


1) How often do you go on holidays?

a) Every few years b) Once every two years c) Once a year d) Twice a year e) More than twice a year

2) When do you usually book your holidays? a) In advance b) At the last minute

3) Where do you usually go for a holiday?

a) UK b) Europe c) USA d) Australia e) Africa f) Elsewhere... (Include destination and country) 4) How long do you usually stay away on a holiday?

a) A Weekend b) Up to 7 days c) Up to 14 days d) Up to a month e) More than a month

5) How do you usually book your holidays?

a) Directly with the holiday providers (airlines, accommodation places, etc) b) Online with travel websites c) With travel agencies 6) With whom do you usually travel with?

a) Alone b) With partner/spouse c) With spouse and children d) With children e) With other friends or relatives

7) What method of transport do you use to reach your holiday destination?

a) Car b) Bus c) Bicycle d) Train e) Plane f) Other ….

8) What is your accommodation preferences when going for a holiday?

a) Hotels b) Staying with relatives c) Rented Flat d) Resort e) Flat/House exchange f) Apartments g) Caravan / camping park h) Hostel i) B&B j) Camps k) Ranches

9) Where do you get holiday information from?

a) Internet b) Books c) Newspapers d) Television e) Travel Agents f) Brochures

10) Have you ever visited Arizona, USA for your holiday? If yes, would you return? If no, proceed to question 14.

11) Would you be interested in booking a ranch-based holiday for experienced and novice riders? If yes, why, if not, why not?

12) Have you ever been on a similar holiday package for riders? What did you most enjoy about it?

13) What type of ranch would you prefer to stay in while on your holiday?

a) Working Ranch b) Guest Ranch c) Guest/ Working Ranch d) Resort Ranch

14) How many hours a day would you like to spend on riding only?

a) 2 hours b) 4 hours c) 6 hours d) More than 6 hours

15) What is your riding ability?

a) Complete beginner b) Beginner c) Novice d) Intermediate e) Advanced

16) Apart from the riding what other activities would you prefer while on this holiday? (Multiple choice can be selected)

a) Participate in daily ranch activities such as checking cattle, moving cattle to new grazing, cattle drives, branding, sorting cattle. b) Play tennis, golf c) Enjoy massage and spa treatments d) Sailing e) 4 x 4 jeep trips

17) What is your gender?

a) Female b) Male

18) Please select your age.

a) 18 – 24 b) 25 – 34 c) 35 – 44 d) 45 – 54 e) 55 and over

19) What is your employment status?

a) Employed b) Not employed c) Retired d) Disabled, not able to work

20) Please indicate your approximate yearly household income before taxes.

a) Under £25,000 b) £25,001 - £49,999 c) £50,000 - £74,999 d) £75,000 - £99,999 e) £100,000 -£149,999 f) £50,000 and over

References - Research on Relations - Research on Consulates - Research on Entry Requirements - Research on Health Factors - Research on Terrorism Threat - Research on Environment - Research on Arizona - Research on Male Female Ratio - Research on Disability Acts - Research on Competitors - Research on Competitors…...

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