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Top Project Manager Challenge: Team Motivation

Yevhen Grinman

Executive Summary

Practice to hire profession project manager (PM) to lead projects is becoming more and more popular in organizations. However, project managers’ scope of responsibilities is usually misunderstood. Yet the belief in that project manager is responsible for project’s success and failure is common among researchers. According to PMBOK (2008) successful project is the one that achieved on time, on schedule, and within the budget; this definition of success identifies only variables that need to be addressed, while there are more pieces to successful project management. According to common definition PM is responsible to ensure project’s “timely delivery, adherence to budget constraints, scope, and quality specifications” (PMBOK, 2008). However, successful project management is more than just following presumed project management methodologies and techniques. PM may have necessary skills to guide project team through various stages of project while lack basic people skills that in the future can cause project’s failure. Herein lays major scope of project manager’s responsibilities in meeting project objectives as well as fulfilling team members’ behavioral needs. Some project managers along with researchers tend to overlook less tangible elements of successful project which is team motivation.

Top PM Challenge

In Fundamentals of Project Management Heagney (2012) reveals that project manager has wide array of responsibilities but virtually no authority. Lack of formal authority can make it difficult to manage teams. As consequence Heagney (2012) points out that the first skills that project manager needs is people skills; Heagney even goes farther by saying if PM cannot deal with people than he/she should not be PM in the first place.

Project management is not…...

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