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Does Saving really matter for Growth in Developing Countries? The Case of a Small Open Economy
Olajide S. Oladipo, PhD Department of Economics and Finance School of Business, Medgar Evers College 1637 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11225 Email: ooladipo@


The study employed the Toda and Yamamoto (1995) and Dolado and Lutkepohl (1996) – TYDL- methodology to uncover the direction of causal relationship between savings and economic growth in Nigeria between 1970 and 2006. The empirical results suggest that savings and economic growth are positively cointegrated indicating a stable long run equilibrium relationship. Further, the findings revealed a unidirectional causality between savings and economic growth and the complementary role of FDI in growth. Keywords: Cointegration, FDI, Savings and Economic Growth JEL Classification: C32; E21;O11

Does Saving really matter for Growth in Developing Countries? The Case of a Small Open Economy


The relationship between savings and economic growth has received increased attention in recent years especially in developed and emerging economies [see Bacha (1990), DeGregorio (1992), Levine and Renelt (1992), and Jappelli and Pagano (1994)]. This might not be unconnected to the central underpinning of Lewis’s (1955) traditional development theory that increasing savings would accelerate economic growth. Research efforts by Kaldor (1956) and Samuelson and Modigliani (1966) examined how different savings behaviours would induce economic growth.

A survey of the role of savings in economic development by the World Bank (1993), revealed that ‘countries with higher savings rates have grown at faster rates than those with low saving rates’. Thus, the Bank opined that policies that promote saving are germane in developing countries as higher saving will contribute to higher economic growth.…...

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