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To Clone or Not to Clone

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Manipulating Life: The Ethics and Science of Biotechnology

The question of whether humans should have the right to clone themselves leads to interesting questions on the nature of human individuality. There is also the ethical question of whether human reproductive cloning in order to replicate ones genetic identity should be allowed at all. If reproductive cloning to create an entire human being were possible, and accessibility and cost were not a factor, should humans have the unrestricted right to clone themselves? The right or even need for humans to clone themselves is as complex a moral or ethical issue as it is a complex bimolecular and genetic procedure. There may be no definitive answer to the ethical or moral dilemmas but in my opinion there is not a reason compelling enough to justify human reproductive cloning of an entire human being, even if it were technically possible at this time. There appear to be too many issues and unknowns in both the science and ethics of human reproductive cloning to allow it even if it were possible. The fear as portrayed in science fiction about armies of replicated humans threatening society and all of our identities being at risk are certainly unfounded as the science proves out (Sommers Smith, 5C - 23). Unlike the renowned geneticist James Watson I am not so certain that having the ability to clone a human would make it a benefit to our society, or should make it a requirement to do so (Grace, pp. 214-215). The unknowns about human cloning seem to far outweigh our suppositions about the results which of course may change as research continues and science and technology in genetics advances. Looking at the example of natural twins there can be an interesting reaction when seeing a pair of identical monozygotic twins dressed identically. Maybe a sense of awe and joy but also a bit of unease or discomfort when…...

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...wall. This stage lasts between 4 and 6 days on average. The definition is as simple as that. Now, as most of you can see, the habit of some to use the term embryo so loosely may have lead to a misunderstanding of what it really is. Now that this misinterpretation has been cleared up we can continue on with the first argument. Kass argues in his article, that attempting to clone a human being would be unethical because it will cause harm to the future child, due to the fact that it is still an unperfected procedure in even animals. He may be correct in that statement, but he does not inform people that before we would even consider cloning a human being, we would first make sure that the success rate in animals is to a point where it is almost faultless. Defects that may currently be occurring in animals will be corrected and become seamless before any consideration of human cloning would take place. Even since the infamous “Dolly” was cloned in 1996, there have been advances to correct the defects that she had later in life. He also states in his article that numerous scientists claim if we were to clone a human it would carry immense repercussions such as, malformed and defective children. Just like in the previous statement, he may be truthful, but he is also not bringing up the fact that that is the exact reason cloning is still in its experimental stages and not being used for human reproduction (Longston). It will be many years before we will perfect cloning, but......

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