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They Can Do It

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Strayer University
They Can Do It! You Can Help!
Home Depot
Victoria James-Smith
Talent Management-HRM532
Dr. Cecile Massé, PhD

They Can Do It! You Can Help!
A Look At Talent Practices At The Home Depot

In today's global economy, companies must continually invest in talent management of its personnel. In the role of being a business partner, HR leaders must work closely with management to attract, hire, develop and retain talent. Yet the shortage of skills today presents various issues and challenges both socio-economic and cultural as talent crosses borders and its prospects are fewer. Thus, in view of the workforce changes with issues such as shifting demographics, global supply chains, the aging workforce and increasing global mobility, organization culture must shift to become forward-looking organizations. That is organizations which must rethink their approach to talent management to best attract talent. By doing so, this will result in organizations being positively positioned to succeed in a highly competitive marketplace. In addition, organizational culture, employee engagement and leadership development have a significant impact on talent retention. Taking these factors into consideration, what will develop will be an integrated approach to talent management which offers a pathway toward sustaining achievable, outstanding business results.
Competitive Advantage
Home Depot realized that in order to have and to maintain a competitive advantage its HR had to add more value to its corporation. With this mindset Home Depot realized that its organizational talent must be situated strategically to gain the competitive advantage needed to not only gain, but maintain a competitive advantage in the industry. Critical thinking along with logic would have the organization to strategically decide the best way to be innovative and to…...

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