The Tragedy of Globalization

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The Tragedy of Globalization

Globalization has been around for over a thousand years and is not a new development of western nations. Globalization is simply the transferring of ideas from one society to another. Amartya Sen the author of “How to Judge Globalism”, and Sen believes that the whole world benefits from global cooperation, and there is uneven distribution of benefits. He believes another downside of globalization is the belief that globalization is a modern westernized concept. Globalization is not the sole cause of the inequality of wealth between developed and non-developed nations, but it is obvious that this new global marketplace has produced unequal benefits between developed and non-developed nations. Globalization needs regulations and reforms to be put into place in order to level the playing field of benefits.

Globalization benefits all nations that are involved in the global trade of goods, foreign investment, and ideas. Although, with the current global market there is room for firms to take advantage of developing nations by outsourcing jobs from developed to developing countries in order to pay workers lower wages. Many of these less developed countries benefit from foreign investment by developed nations, but According to Sen (2002) the distribution of these benefits are not equal between rich and poor. Since there are no laws pertaining to globalization or a governing body, it is a free for all in the global market. There are so many different nations it is unfeasible to control commerce all around the world. Reforms need to be made to the current system; since developed countries benefit more from global trade than non-developed countries it is necessary to form a system that permits equal opportunities.

Globalization is responsible for the large-scale sales of arms from developed to non-developed…...

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