The Swimmer

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The Swimmer
By Inger Bülow Smed Andersen 3.x
“The Swimmer” by is a short story by S.J. Butler. The story centers on a woman, who undergoes both an emotional and spiritual experience. She learn to overcome her fears. The story takes place in the summer. First the woman is in her office that has a view of a river. She finds the heat of the summer unbearable and she therefore decide to go swimming in the river. She approaches the river and hesitates a moment, were the reader is introduced to the character on a more personal level. The reader learn that it is not the first time she has tried to take a swim in the river. She goes into the river and start swimming upstream, against the current. She passes a bridge and she then encounters a beautiful swan. She is mesmerized by the both the size and posture of the swan, but is also frightens her. The swan makes her feel small and unimportant. After that day, she goes swimming everyday hoping to spot the swan and admire it. At first, she observers the swan from a safe distance, but after sometime she approaches the swan. One evening, as the moon rises, she finds that the swan has entangled itself in a fishing line. She sets the swan free, and they both float down stream, until the swan vanishes out of sight. It is unclear whether the swan lives or dies.
The events in the story are arranged in a chronological order that covers the range of days in the life of the protagonist, focusing on her experiences in the nearby river. For the protagonist, each new swim is a new trial. Every time she crosses the river upstream, she/the reader encounters the same landmarks such as the bridge, the eddies, the curves, the banks and so on. The first and the last day the protagonist goes swimming are written so that they are longer than the other times the protagonist goes swimming because the first and the last days are more…...

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