The Simpsons: a Yellow Construction of Our Reality

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17 April 2011
The Simpsons: A Yellow Construction of Our Reality
Probably the most popular of media forms, television has greatly influenced individual and cultural lifestyle, our everyday habits, and our culture in general. TV has become a must-have for the majority of American society and its’ invention has highly influenced the development of other technologies and social development by adapting to an ever changing social environment. It has become the most widespread media form for obtaining information, ranging from the weather, world and national news, and entertainment information. However, as much as the television has become a major source of obtaining information about the world around us, it has also influenced the way people around the world think about politics, religion, history and personal relationships. There are numerous television programs that not only represent current social topics but also influence the perceptions made by the viewer through the use of modes ranging from the serious to the satiric. Of the many programs on TV that uses these modes to represent social issues, The Simpsons regularly critique the mainstream American lifestyle in a sarcastic tone. It represents and reaffirms perceived myths and lifestyle choices made by the middle class American family, makes jabs at America's political structure, and represents religion in a superficial tone.
Beginning in the late eighties as short cartoons, The Simpsons quickly became one of America’s most satirical television programs. Currently being aired by the Fox Broadcasting Network, The Simpsons was created to target the "eighteen to thirty-four and eighteen to forty-nine year old middle to upper-middle class urban segments of the television audience" (Tingleff, par. 1). The Simpson family, which lives in a small community named Springfield,…...

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