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The Scope of Cost in Alcohol Studies Hypothesis Paper

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The scope of cost in alcohol studies hypothesis paper
Joyce Ann Shortridge
October 17, 2011
Robert Robinson.

The scope of cost in alcohol studies hypothesis paper

Alcohol abuse has a cost impact on both the society and the economic structure of any country. Some of these harms include work-related productivity costs problems, such as absenteeism, violent, and other crimes. Upon reading this paper it was understood that purpose of this research paper was not to show how the problems of alcohol can affect the society but rather the cost of those effects on the society. This paper shows how the cost of those problems can be calculated to help countries and organizations better determine the cost effectiveness of intervention programs. Intervention programs are costly so for the proper authorities to see the benefit of developing those programs a cost effectiveness study was done to show the negative costs associated with this problem (Cost Effectiveness & Resource Allocation, 2010, para 3). The abuse of alcohol has a major impact on both the cost of illness and the society of any country. The cost of illness factors and economic evaluations cost includes such things as health care, preventive costs, safety, and public order. Before any intervention program is put into place the cost of program should be shown to be both statistically and clinically relevant (Cost Effectiveness & Resource Allocation, 2010, para 4). The research team performed a Mega-Study and examined 29 costs of illness studies and chose four of the closest in the method and most comparable to each other in estimating the gross costs and discount rate. The studies were done in high income countries of France, Scotland, Canada, and the United States of America (Cost Effectiveness & Resource Allocation, 2010, para 7). If the research…...

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