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The Role of Hr Managment in Tourism

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The role of Human Resource management in tourism


1. Human-Resource management in Tourism

2. Pentravels Human Resource management philosophy

3. Reference list

1. Human-resource management in Tourism
The purpose of this report is to discuss the role that Human-resource management has in the tourism and hospitality industries and the challenges that the tourism and hospitality industry in South Africa face. Pentravel is a well known tourism organisation situated in the Garden Route mall; their human-resource management philosophy is also discussed.

Human-resource management according to Susan M. Heathfield (2012) can be defined as the framework for helping employees develop their personal and organizational skills, knowledge, and abilities. Human Resource Development includes such opportunities as employee training, employee career development, performance management and development, coaching, mentoring, succession planning, key employee identification, tuition assistance, and organization development.

Human-resource management can also be defined as a way of management that links people-related activities to the strategy of a business or organisation. Human-resource management has several goals such as: * To meet the needs of the business and management * To link human resource strategies * To find ways for human resources to “add value” to a business. (tutor2u, n.d)

Human-resource management means many things to many people, depending on whether you are a manager, an employee or an academic and thus it is very difficult to define Human-resource management.

Human-resource management has certain characteristics such as employee commitment, strategic integration, and achievement of business goals. Other characteristics include long-term planning horizons, employee development,…...

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