The Normal Age of Marriage

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The Normal Age of Marriage
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Rhetoric and Composition
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Compare and Contrast

The Normal Age of Marriage Marriage is not for fun like how they see in movies. In marriage they will go through laughs and tears, ups and downs, and stress and relief because it is a huge responsibility. The wife is the source of the house, and she is the one who should alter this place to a home. If she can not make it, she is not capable yet to get married. Girls should get married when they reach the age of twenty five, because it is the most suitable age for marriage. It is a mistake to let them get married at a young age, because they will not be mature and responsible yet, got no enough education, and has no much experience. Young girls always imagine a fantasy marriage, and that it is their happy world. Marriage is full of responsibilities, and it needs mature people who are able to focus on the chief things and be able to handle it. First, when a young girl gets married, she will not be able to take the responsibility. She is used to handle simple tasks at her home. Unlike the elder girl, she can handle many things in the same time, with a mature mind and a wide open heart. She knows how to be patient and think wisely. A young girl will be still learning everything. On the other hand the elder girl will be able to be a good house wife and a great mother. Sure in marriage a lot of problems will come from everywhere. Lake problems from her husband’s family and her husband, and from the society, the elder girl will be able to stand and solve them wisely by using her mind. Moreover, in marriage the problems should stay between the couples, and the young girl can not keep it between them. Each person has a dream, even if it is simple. But without enough knowledge and education the dream will never come…...

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