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The need to control plays a vital role in human survival. Control may be one of the most fundamental of all human needs. To survive, succeed and go where no person has gone before, humans need to develop competence (Franken, 2007) as well as the ability to influence others to get them to do what they want done. This is called power. This paper will discuss the need for us as humans to control others. I will talk about Rotter’s locus of control and the dimensions of power as they relate to influencing others. I will also talk about the need for competence as a fundamental motivation that serves the evolutionary role of helping people develop and adapt to their environment. Let us look at the need to control. To function normally and successfully within our society it is important to have a sense of control. Without a sense of control, people lose their ability to cope effectively with even the smallest difficulties (Franken, 2007). The need for control plays an essential role in determining things such as whether or not people will initiate new behaviors. Rotter’s locus of control (internal/external) shows us where people are, but not necessarily where there are going. External locus of control is giving other people, places, and things the power to influence your feeling…...

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