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The Movie Fight Club

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The movie fight club

Different peevish acts may accompany specific cultures that may at one point result to both good and bard aspects of the society. In addition, different authors and scholars have made it real to discuss such aspects of life in their productions to enhance a pass of information to the general public. David Fincher in his work on Fight Club film touches on social commentary as well as consumerist culture on feminization and how it influences masculinity as demonstrated hereinafter.

Consumer culture provides the source to the grief and fight in the society. This political rebellion facilitates anger and fight among the characters. The values of advertisement are highly critiqued in the film with consideration of aspects such as wealth, power, beauty, and youth. As much as people could do jobs in the society to attain physical sustainability, they are no longer satisfied spiritually. The society continues to buy marketed goods to provide better feeling since they do not feel like there is sensible person to talk to about their grievances.

Class isolation is another important aspect as per Fincher’s argument in the film. The character Jack suffers from lack of satisfaction as well as insomnia since he has no friend whom he can share his problems with. He could not get someone to share with openly the sad and dark-natured feelings. In addition, jack could not find reasons why he experience difficulties in finding jobs for day-day sustainability. Due to class disparity, Marla also suffers the same isolation. Marla is poor, she lives in poverty, and she cannot afford the standard life of the society. These aspects of class difference have brought isolation that the characters reveal as an aspect that infringes their well-being.

It is in order that violence has been depicted as a dubious solution to the problems experienced by the society. Violence does not rather provide the required solution by the society but it acts as a form of spiritual reawakening to men, to remind them that they are present and a live in the society. Men involves in the fight to ascertain the true values of their worth, not rather forced values as handed to them by society as a whole as well as advertising in the society. In addition, violence is used to provide a lee-way solution to reach the core of who they are. In the contrary, fighting is used in the film to reassert masculinity aspects in the contrary to the usual priority, generations, jobs, and mass media as provided by the society. Violence does not rather provide the solutions as expected by the society, it is accompanied by other more harms.

Gender issues have been deployed in the making of the film. Feminism roles are excluded in the overall fighting for the cultural well fair. Involving only one player in the film, Marla Singer is a demonstration of this accession. As much as the problems are general to everyone, women have been portrayed to participate minimally in provision of solutions to such problems. This is not because they have no idea on the concepts at hand, but because the society and culture have decreed their minimal participation.

Identity or coming of age is an aspect that has affected the role of gender in the society. From long, the American society considers women to be best in housekeeping roles that are not restricted to cooking, doing the dishes, cleaning the house, and looking after children. They were not allowed to participate in the outside issues since they were considered as rather weak and emotional to participate on bloody fights. Despite all these views on feminism, Marla demonstrated an aspect of worth and ability of might in the film. Despite all the problems of poverty, isolation, and violence, she manages to live her life within her means.

Emasculation has been viewed as an approach that identifies the value of man in the society. The film argues that the present society reveals generations in which its men watch others do something instead of doing things themselves. Also, the film demonstrates an aspect of men going out to fight for their rights and to get the best life they want through working hard. A society that its men are not spoon fed. Not to forget, a postmodern society enables men to take care of themselves as well as their images. Men discover their true selves through fighting and facing the pain and fears accompanied by day to day life. Through doing these, men feel to strip away all the difficulties they may have in life as well as feel the joy of their sweat.

Ideology plays an important role in the film, to present a monotonous life of an average middle class society. A society that shows a separation on many aspects of life, wide isolation on different aspects of the culture and how such disparity affect the general performance of the individual in the society. Ideological thinking evaluates the daily problems faced by the man to originate from the oppression of corporate dominance as well as self-empowerment. These problems are created by men in the culture and are fought again by the same men ranging from personal level to communal levels.

Ideology is depicted in the film as a driving force in the American society. Ideology encounters the expected sources of the problems faced by the culture as well as some of the solutions that when deployed will lead to an escape from the problems. Since the social activities rely on different ideas of people, ideology has been depicted as the driving force to everything that constitutes the society. The American society depends on ideology to maintain the intended socio-cultural activities that defines the whole society at large.

In addition, the present of father figure has been viewed as not important in the development of male roles in the society. As a matter of fact, Jack and Tyler are living beings who survived in the hands of their mothers as men in absence of their fathers. In this essence, the role of female is developed a notch higher as compared to that of men in the physical development of being. Feminism therefore influences the postmodern life of men considered to bring about the expected life.

In conclusion, through corporate advertising our identity in the society is shaped and reviled in accordance with our different roles. Identity of both men and women is significantly brought out depending on their roles played. Men use their physical power to fight for their rights that entail freedom, job security, and even better payments that enhances good lives.…...

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