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The Joy of Reading and Writing: Superman and Me

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After reading Sherman Alexie's "The Joy of Reading and Writing: Superman and Me" I feel very shocked. I really can't remember what I was doing when I was young. Maybe I was watching TV, playing with my friends, having a afternoon nap and so on. At the same age, he started to reading foreign language books and comic books , this phenomenon will never happen in my life. Maybe he was smart and arrogant, but without the atmoshere of his family and his pervenance spirit ,he won't became such a successful people. His father like reading books and brought them from the pawnshops and secondhand and the books were so many that were stacked in crazy piles in the bathroom, bedroom and living room. He use every moments to read books such as lunch time, in the car when his family traveled, in shopping malls and so on.
He also have a goodness heart and must be very patriotic. Because he always worried about the future of the Indian children and visit schools and teach creative writing to them. what;s more, although the children refuse and resist him, he never give up to save their lives.
I don' t really like the Indian thinking. They hate the smart Indian people and expected to be stupid. Like what he said in the book the Indian children were monosyllabic in front of the non-Indian teachers, but after come home they were talking about complicated stories and jokes at the dinner table. How could they do this ? To be smart is everyone want and they just want to be stupid.
In comic book panel Alexie remembers Superman breaks through a door and the brown door shatters into many pieces. As I think it is important to remember this detail at the very end of the essay is because Alexie learned how to read from this panel.…...

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