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The Gentrification of Los Angeles

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Timothy C. Jemison
English 101
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28 May 2013

The Gentrification of Los Angeles

In the 1950’s and 1960’s Los Angeles was a booming and thriving city, even though it was separated by the races. The white’s had their part and the black’s had their. This worked because everyone stayed pretty much to their side of town. I remember in the 1960’s when my father brother was trying to buy a house in the Leimert Park area and they would not sell it to him because of his race. They would raise the price of the home with the hope that it would discourage him from moving into a neighborhood that was for whites only. Although it was against the law and not wrote down it was just an unwritten rule of the city. His boss of the company he worked for had to go and buy the house from the real estate agent and then he sold it to him. In 1972 my mother brother and his family became the first black family to live on his street in the city of Gardena. With this there was what is called white flight. This forced the white families to move to what is known as the valley. They moved to get away from the other races that was infiltration their neighborhoods. With them went businesses and jobs. It left the communities they were leaving without revenue to help to keep the community thriving. In the 1970’s the school board came up with a plan to help the children of the inter city and it was busing, where they would send children from the inter city into white schools in the valley that had more funding and were supposed to give them a better education.

The stores and business in the communities that the whites had left behind started to become decay and the ones that were not decay started to close and leave, because they can no longer afford to pay the rent on the property. This left the people of the communities without decent places to shop. The businesses were also…...

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