The Future of Video Calling Is Now

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I can still perfectly recall George Jetson been yelled by his boss Cosmo G. Spacely using video calling at the cartoon “The Jetson’s.” Ever since I watched this cartoon I was being enchanted by the idea of face-to-face conversations that challenge the barrier of been in different places. Other cartoons such as Dexter’s Laboratory or Superfriends reinforced the same idea -- In the future the traditional concept of phone conversation would not be confined to mere audio, but to vivid interactions with our counterpart. The future is already with us, and it has made cartoons’ technologies a reality.
“being yelled at by his boss, Cosmo…” “on the cartoon, …” Watch verb tenses “Ever since…I have been enchanted” (present perfect) “of being in different” (a gerund often follows a preposition) “the cartoons’” Good transition, but break to another paragraph.

Although the introduction of webcam in mobile devices does not solve every communication problem, mobile video calling has revolutionized the way we communicate in this new technology era. It is a fact that we do not “need” to communicate with video; however, it does sometimes add another useful and pleasant dimension by providing a much richer experience than a phone conversation. A video calling allows the users to perceive instant face expressions that can be understood as emotions. This is a great help at the time to adopt our voice tone and way of speaking since now we know how is our counterpart reacting. In doing so, mobile video calling has made the barrier of distance more flexible to help link people together, gave voices to the deaf, and provide for rapid live broadcasting feedback in the moment of a disaster.

“of webcams in mobile…” “technological era” (word form = adjective) “facial expressions” “in adapting our…” “how our counterpart is reacting” “in that it brings people closer together,…...

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