The Fit Shop

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The Fit Stop
The Fit Stop is a new firm that will be opening in the near future. The founder of the business is Susan Superfit. The company’s business objective is to sell all types of training, fitness, conditioning, and exercise equipment to the general public. The Fit Stop plans to specialize in this equipment and provide customers with personalized advice geared to customer needs. The owner, Susan suffered an injury while engaging in sports activities. She came up with the idea for this business during her recovery. She found that while there were plenty of business that sold fitness and conditioning equipment, they lacked in knowledge. They often gave poor advice on how to use the equipment and what was best to purchase based on customer needs.
In order to provide high quality service, each Fit Stop will employ a physiotherapist( to provide advice on such problems as injuries or back pain), and a person with a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology( to provide advice on training for sports and other physical activities). The remainder of the staff in the store will consist of a manager, with a bachelor of commerce degree, and sales staff that will have at least high school diplomas. It is expected that 8-12 sales staff will be needed at each store. The stores will be located in shopping mall and will operate on a seven day a week basis. They will be open from 9:00-9:00 weekdays, 9:00-6:00 Saturdays and noon to 6:00 on Sundays.
Susan believes that the key to her business success will be highly motivated and knowledgeable employees with a concern for customers and are able to work as a team. The key aspect of the company is to be the most up-to-date and advance supplier of new products, techniques, and customer service. Susan does not know much about compensating her employees, she needs help in determining and developing a compensation system.
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