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The Evil in Richard Wright’s “Between the World and Me”

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The Evil in Richard Wright’s “Between the World and Me” What is a rope? It’s a thing that established the rank, constraint the soul, and destroyed the lives. In Richard Wright’s enriching poem “Between the World and Me” (1935), a lynching is depicted and greatly astonished and influenced the speaker. Through the use of structure, religious symbolization, and diction, Wright successfully establishes the indignation that danced among the words. Structure is a great component in the poem. The poem’s structure channeled bountiful information regard the complex emotions within the narrator. The poem started with the word “and” and followed the word “suddenly.” A time sequence is suggested here. It is believed that the speaker tells his story from the middle of the memory. Such actions are much often recognized on “people who have survived atrocities. It is difficult for them to remain clearheaded and calm, to see more than a few fragments of the picture at one time, to retain all the pieces, and to fit them together” (Herman 1). In addition, the fragment sentences that display throughout the poem corroborate the point that the teller is traumatized. Furthermore, the poem can simply be chunks into four sections by the appearance of four periods. These groups of four periods not only separate the poem but also show a continuation of thoughts. They represent the broken, incomplete, and deficient memory of the speaker. Therefore, the narrator is absolutely astonishes by the scene and cannot organizes his thoughts in a logic way. With the repetition of “And”, “There was/were”, and “a” in many lines, the teller is trying to recollect all the details in an intermittently manner. He is shocked and bewildered by what he saw and cannot “find a language that conveys fully and persuasively what one has seen” (Herman 1). Later on in the poem, the lines where it says “The…...

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