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The Effects of Drug Addicts in Neighborhoods

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The Effects of Drug Addicts in Neighborhoods

Is your neighborhood being turned upside down by drug addicts? Do you really understand the effects of drug addiction and how you may be able to help to kick the habit? Taking part in your neighborhood can help to take the drug war at hand. Drug dependency is becoming more than just physically harmful, but is turning neighborhoods and cities upside down with drug dealing, prostitution, and violence. Drug Addiction is not only physically harmful, but can become an expensive habit that is able to destroy a person’s life. According to approximately ½ Trillion dollars is spent a year in drug addiction for treatment, health and crimes, Including 181 billion for illicit drugs, 168 billion on tobacco use and 185 billion on alcohol. Alcohol and tobacco are well known to addicts because of the availability. Drug addiction can be physically harmful by destructing your brain and liver. Prescription drugs are considered safe and not physically harmful, but illegal use can cause addicts to overdose, becoming physically harmful. Narconon Drug Rehab states that “Drug addiction is a biological, pathological process that alters the way in which the pleasure center, as well as other parts of the brain functions.” For example, “When cocaine enters the brain, it blocks the dopamine transporter from pumping dopamine back into the transmitting neuron, flooding the synapse with dopamine. This intensifies and prolongs the stimulation of receiving neurons in the brain's pleasure circuits, causing a cocaine "high." Eventually, the brain is going to be tricked into functioning incorrectly and physically damaging the brain. Damaging of the brain can cause loss of attention, memory loss, inappropriate behavioral changes, blurred vision, depression, along with many other losses. Not only are drugs physically…...

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