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The Dutch Economy and Dutch Employers Benefit from Foreign Investors

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The Dutch economy and Dutch employers benefit from foreign investors. Foreign companies provide 15 percent of all jobs and 24 percent of the total added value from the private sector. Moreover, they pay 15 percent more in salaries than other companies and on average the turnover of employees is lower. Foreign companies deliver 30 percent of the total volume of business in the Netherlands and account for 21 percent of investments. Therefore, Dutch government have many policies support toward foreign investors:

-Business laws and regulations are in accordance with international legal practices and standards and apply equally to foreign and Dutch companies. -There are no formal foreign investment screening mechanisms, and 100 percent foreign ownership is permitted in those sectors open to foreign investment. The rules on acquisition, mergers, takeovers, and reinvestment are nondiscriminatory. All firms must conform to certain rules of conduct on mergers and takeovers. -There are no restrictions on the conversion or repatriation of capital and earnings (including branch profits, dividends, interest, royalties), or management and technical service fees, with the exception of the nominal exchange license requirement for non-resident firms. -There are no trade-related investment performance requirements in the Netherlands. General requirements to qualify for investment subsidy schemes apply equally to domestic and foreign investors. -Right to private ownership and establishment : There are full rights of private ownership and establishment of business enterprises in the Netherlands, except in the monopoly sectors noted earlier. Despite the fact that service providers must often meet stringent licensing requirements, numerous enterprises in the Netherlands are 100 percent owned by foreign firms, including many from the United States. Licenses…...

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