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The Depths of Life

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“Shades of people in our lives”
The sea is an indication of freedom to us people. We can do what we want; we can go wherever we want to. You’ll see different shades of blue in the ocean and the sea. The deeper it gets, the darker the shade, the shallow it gets, the lighter the shade is. Everything in life has its own persona and these personas are represented by different shades of colours. In life there are different types of person with different personas too.
People who you meet for the first time or you have met already but didn’t much stayed in your life have the shade of a lighter blue, which signifies they are on the near part of the shore. Either you or the people didn’t get to know each other very well. They’ve been only part of your life for a week or much shorter and you rarely see each other. People, who you meet and sooner you called friends, got the shade of a light-dark blue. They are people who know you, but you don’t really show the real you. It’s like you’re in the middle of the deep and shallow part of the ocean somewhere in that zone. Friends are the greatest gifts that God gave us. They always support us when we’re down, but those people who you show your real self are called best friends. People who belong to the darker shade are the people who you show your real self and who you trust the most. These persons know you well. That they even know what kind of person you are, they know what you like, they know what you do, and they almost know everything about you. Example of this person is your family and your one and only best friend.
Family is the one who we ran to when we don’t know how to cope up with the problem and when we are like a baby that needs to cry out loud. They always support us on what we do, but they don’t always support us, they also correct us and lead us to a straighter path when they think we’re getting on a bumpy road.…...

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