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The Dangers of Society

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The Dangers to Society of the Drug Ecstasy

The drug Ecstasy is dangerous for not only our people, but also a menace to society. With my own experiences in college and people I am closely bonded to, or used to be, I have seen this highly used club drug invade our campuses of America by leaps and bounds. I can tell you more than one story about young college friends that had 4.0 GPAs and promising careers ahead and now have nothing because of this drug. I remember a doctor telling me that 12 years ago this drug was not even known of and now it seems every other day we are reading in the paper of overdoses or reports on the cerebral damage it does.
The concern is very high about the use of this drug by young people and it very well should be as for the fact of it has a no win situation when this drug is used. When Exstacy is used, it not only causes cerebral damage and stunts the ability of that user to learn, but it can also result in death. There are quite a few people I have met in my experience who were the definition of intelligent and were always just a little quicker to "pick things up" in the classroom, but after their experimentation of Ecstasy were not. After a while these users began to show signs degenerative cognitive ability: memory loss, inability to learn in class, and a "spaced out" demeanor. Not only can this drug cause learning problems, but also can throw a person into severe depression. If you talk to nearly 1/3 of the United States this disease is very difficult to deal with. Extensive research has been done on this horrible drug and it very well should be for it is a true problem to America. The way that our people look at this drug is crucial to resolving this problem, because that is all it is a problem. A guy that I was best friends with back in high school recently got caught with 300 tabs, or pills, of Ecstasy in his car and will now…...

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