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The Case for Stealth Innovation

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Article review: The Case for Stealth Innovation – By Paddy Miller and Thomas

AUGUST 22, 2015

Library Research Assignment

Varun Sridhar

For organizations to survive and continue its constructive role, it needs ideas that are fresh and has got to have a new perspective to get new ideas based on field research and otherwise to ensure and understand the dynamics and destruction of decline are. Both articles talk about how the process of innovation takes place within an organization and how effectively can an innovator who is really trying to articulate ideas into effective and efficient processes or for his/her interests are aligned towards achieving the goals and objectives of the organization.
The importance of this issue is due to the increasingly competitive environment among the various organizations and industrial centers. There is a need to provide and develop competitive environment and a creative environment if necessary and also provide recommendations at the end in order to achieve better results.
Paddy Miller and Thomas Wedell talk about a concept called stealth innovation which is quite an interesting perspective. Because it is not easy to communicate ideas in a bureaucratic organization or through a hierarchical structure hence the two authors provide the readers with five key points in order to deliver to the top level management and these are as follows:
Gathering allies who can help, operate off the grid, finding a need to build proof of concept to make a stern and a solid point through extensive research, obtaining access to funds and other resources to formulate an innovative plan and last but not the least a good cover story to work on the project without attracting attention or scrutiny. The authors warn the future innovators about circumstances that may…...

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