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Consulting company "Business Consulting" is specialised in providing complex professional consulting services in the sphere of business and management: preparation of business-plans, marketing research, budgeting, juridical services, the selection of personnel and personnel-technologies.
Our aim is to assist enterprises of all forms of ownership in increasing the efficiency of activities and achieving maximum economic results.
In our work we apply system approach, and we believe that only a comprehensive vision and identification of problems, integration of different components of activity represent the approach to the organization of the business environment, which provides our customers with access to a qualitatively new frontier efficiency and stable development of business.
It is especially effective system approach in the work with large-scale projects connected with the breeding of the new company on the market or optimization of already existing companies, study of consumers, competitors, and construction of structure of the company, formation of the state, the decision of legal issues, definition of strategies for successful development.
Individual approach to each client will be used and allow us to find the decisions, based on the deep understanding of business' specifics and problems of the client, his key competences and opportunities for successful development. Absolute confidentiality, trust and respect, multiplied by professionalism, here is the formula of successful cooperation, which we offer to You.

In the fast paced world of business legal support of activity of any company is guarantee of security, and it promotes the increase of demand for high-quality legal services, including legal consultations in various fields of law.
Consulting company "Business consulting" offers You legal services, which are necessary for small…...

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Consulting wrapped around essential content yields the perfect solution for today’s on-thego trainers and human resource professionals. w w w. p f e i f f e r. c o m Essential resources for training and HR professionals “Elaine’s practical zest of ‘yes, you can do it now—here, let me show you how’ takes you by the hand to build the marketing plan of your business and gets you into action immediately. An easy read and helpful resource that makes marketing the game to play.” —Aviv Shahar, president, Amber Network “What a treasure of proven marketing insights! Elaine Biech has the market cornered on advice for successful consulting, and her latest effort is rich with tips and tricks of the trade. She asks the right questions to guide the consultant to a new understanding of a true marketing approach. I recommend this book to every consulting professional as a must-have reference.” —Rex Gatto, Ph.D., Gatto Training Associates “The subtitle of this book could be ‘The Great Idea Dream Factory.’ Imaginative tips fill each page. Elaine’s marketing lessons are useful and easy to apply to every consulting practice. If you are starting a career as a consultant Monday morning, be sure to read this book by Sunday night.” —Jean Lamkin, director of career development, Landmark Publishing Group “For anyone who has had a great service or product, you learn painfully fast that it’s the marketing that makes it viable. This book is a great ‘how to’ in making......

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