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I am well rounded, independent, and caring person. I believe that being well rounded means that you are not just one way or another, it means you have a mix of characteristics. I believe I am independent, I take care of myself in life, along with my own child without looking for handouts. I am independent, I do not rely on others for anything including bills, money, school, child or transportation. Interdependent means you get help from others or depend on other to do things for you. Also recently I have begun to understand self-serving bias, I have begun to take responsibility for my actions instead of blaming outside factors for my misfortunes. Locus of control theory is where people believe that they can control events that can affect them. External locus of control is a person that believes the whole world is out to get them, luck does exist, and that life is unfair. Internal locus of control is when a person has feelings of being responsible for the outcomes that happen in their lives. I myself struggle with both concepts, there are days where I feel it is me against the world, and I must remind myself that everything will be okay. For the most part I have an internal locus, I take responsibility for the things that have been given me. I believe this shows me that at a young age of 27 I am doing okay, I may stumble and lose my way but I will always get back on track.
I know that confirmation bias is where a person has a tendency to favor information that goes along with their own beliefs. A person does this by gathering or when they remember information by picking out pieces of it. I think then that confirmation bias is something that we all do. I know for myself I have selective hearing, I pick out certain bits of information I want to hear from a conversation, perceive it, and use it to my benefit. My experiences that I have had with beliefs generating from…...

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