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In colloquial speech, bullying is most often used to describe a form of harassment associated with being performed by a child who is older, stronger, or otherwise more powerful socially, upon weaker peers. Bullying can occur in situations including in school or college/university, the workplace, by neighbours, and between countries. Whatever the situation the power structure is typically evident between the bully and victim. It seems to those outside the relationship that the bully's power depends only upon the perception of the victim, with the victim being too intimidated to put up effective resistance. However the victim usually has just cause to be afraid of the bully due to the threat and actually carrying out of physical/sexual violence, or loss of livelihood. Bullying is behind most claims of discrimination in the workplace.

Types of bullying

Bullying is when someone repeatedly acts or says things to have power over another person. Bullies mainly use a combination of intimidation and humiliation to torment others. The following is some examples of bullying techniques:

* Calling the victim names and stating the victim is useless at whatever they do
* Spreading gossip and rumours about him/her
* Threats of job loss and disciplinary action for unspecified reasons
* Constant negative criticism for unspecified allegations
* Taking the victim's possessions or taking control of the victim's work
* Demoting the victim
* Making the victim do what they do not want to do with a threat of violence or disciplinary action if they refuse
* Actually following through with a threat on one occasion to ensure the victim will comply with all future orders

Locations of bullying

Bullying can occur in schools, universities, families, between neighbours, workplaces, between countries and in the military.

Both school and workplace bullying has come…...

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...Historically, in cases of peer-to-peer abuse, whether physical or emotional, the blame is laid on the belligerent boys or girls. The bystanders who hover, chime in, or squirm on the outskirts of the 'mean' action are dismissed as irrelevant. Also dismissed are those who spread the tale of the victim's woe through the grapevine. In truth, however, this supporting cast plays a significant role in peer-to-peer violence....Bystanders make or break bullying episodes." (Our Children) This article examines the role of the bystander in bullying incidents and outlines some strategies to help encourage young bystanders to act in these situations. OUR CHILDREN Nov./Dec. 2003, pp. 8-10 Reprinted with permission from National PTA. Article originally appeared in OUR CHILDREN magazine, Vol.29, No.3, November/December 2003 pp. 8-10. The Bystander: A Bully's Often-Unrecognized Accomplice By Margaret Sagarese and Charlene C. Giannetti A few years ago, an upstate New York newspaper headline noted that 60 high school girls and boys, ages 14 to 21, faced criminal prosecution for leering at and cheering on two brawling 15-year-old boys. The headline and accompanying story startled us. What we found amazing about this news item was that the police were holding "the human boxing ring" accountable. The "innocent bystander" status usually accorded people on the periphery of such violence was ruled out. The furor over the Glenbrook North High School (Northbrook,......

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