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Article: “Boat people to be sent back to Myanmar and uncertain fate”
Website link: Basically this article is about the ongoing internal conflict in Burma that has existed since approximately April 1948 between the Burmese government and the various ethnic groups in the country. More recently, the conflict has been against the military regime that has ruled the country since 1962. The conflict is the oldest ongoing wars in the world, and has received international attention as a result of the uprising in 1988, anti-government protests in late 2007, and the tragic devastation of Cyclone Nargis that claimed left over 80,000 dead and 50,000 missing in mid-2008.

According to the article thousands of members of the Rohingya located in Myanmar are leaving their homelands because of fear of persecution and most countries, from Saudi Arabia to Malaysia, see them as little more than a source of cheap labor for the dirtiest and most dangerous jobs. But even those who make to Malaysia then struggle find good jobs and quickly discover that, there too, intolerance is growing. Many of the Rohingya people who in Malaysia live in cramped, rundown apartments in the capital, Kuala Lumpur, and face the constant threat of deportation. If caught, the migrants can be caned and imprisoned for up to five years. It’s devastating to hear another similar case like Rwanda to be happening in this world again. Thailand should be letting these people enter their country and treat them like any other citizens, because if there was an situation where civil war was occurring in Thailand, the government would sure love to see other countries stepping up and allowing their people to enter nearby countries for safety reasons. Its situations like this that makes me appreciate the country I live in today were we…...

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...Thailand occupies the western half of the Indochinese peninsula and the northern two-thirds of the Malay Peninsula in southeast Asia. Its neighbors are Burma (Myanmar) on the north and west, Laos on the north and northeast, Cambodia on the east, and Malaysia on the south. The official language of Thailand is the Thai language, but the languages spoken in Thailand include Thai, English, and various minority tongues. The population of Thailand is estimated at 67,400,746 in 2015. Life expectancy at birth: total population: 74.18 years male: 71 years female: 77.54 years. Compare to U.S. expectancy in 2011 was 78.7 years, which is slightly below the OECD average of 80.1. For U.S. men, the average life expectancy is 76, while it's 81 for U.S. women. Thailand literacy age 15 and over can read and write total population: 93.5%, male: 95.6%, and female: 91.5%. Thailand's climate is tropical with a mean annual temperature of 82°F and high humidity. There are three distinct seasons – the hot season from March to May, the cool season from November to February and the rainy season from about June to October. Most Populated and Main Cities In Thailand: City Population Bangkok 5,104,476 Samut Prakan 388,920 Mueang Nonthaburi 291,555 Udon Thani 247,231 Ports under the governance of PAT include those of Chieng Saen, Chieng Khong, as well as the Bangkok Coastal and Barge Domestic Terminal: Port of Laem Chabang: Laem Chabang is in eastern Thailand, on the and is the......

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...Australia –Thailand FTA The Thailand-Australia Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA) was signed on 5 July 2004 and came into effect on January 1, 2005. This agreement implements to ensure greater access for Australian products, enhances prospects for services trade and investment, improves the regulatory environment and promotes increased business mobility. This report focuses on two sections which include immigration policy and transfer of funds and earning from Thailand back to Australian. Immigration policy under Free Trade Agreement The immigration policy under TAFTA provides the temporary entry of natural person who needs to perform engagement on business purpose. Natural person must be a person who is a national or a permanent resident of Australia. This natural person should be employed or signed service contract with company that registered in Australia or Thailand. Furthermore, this person should also meet the criteria on immigration formality in order to have a right to receive temporary entry visa. The eligibility and duration of each stay depend on different business purpose. 1. Business visitors - Thailand does not require a work permit for Australian citizens who are business visitors conducting business meetings in Thailand for up to 15 days, and up to 90 days for APEC Travel Card Holders. This condition is available for service seller, investor and natural persons who are employed by an investor. Service sellers or sales representative of the service firm......

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