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Impact of the West London Tram on West Ealing

A submission to Transport for London from West Ealing Neighbours


West Ealing Neighbours is a newly formed residents group for the West Ealing area. Its draws its membership from people who live and work in West Ealing along with some who make regular use of the shops and other facilities in the area.

We had our inaugural public meeting in April that was attended by over 70 members of the public. At this meeting our primary topic was the impact of the tram in West Ealing. Our aim was to provide a forum for local people to hear at first hand the arguments for and against the proposed tram. Many concerns about the effect of the tram on West Ealing were raised at this meeting. At the end of the meeting we asked for a show of hands about taking the step of talking to TfL about these concerns. The show of hands was overwhelmingly in favour of West Ealing Neighbours raising these concerns with TfL. With this mandate in mind, we have produced this short paper outlining the concerns of West Ealing Neighbours and other members of the public who attended our meeting.

Summary of concerns

Our concerns are grouped under the following headings:

• Deterioration in north south access for road and bus traffic and greater congestion at the Lido Junction

• Damage to an already declining shopping environment on West Ealing Broadway

• Why is it necessary to divert road traffic in West Ealing and not at the equally narrow parts of the Uxbridge Road at Southall, Hanwell, Ealing Broadway and Acton High Street?

• Re-routing of road traffic along unsuitable side roads

• Access to local roads and Sainsbury’s

• Inadequate consideration given to the impact on West Ealing’s elderly population

• A reduced public transport service to the important…...

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