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A Global Accreditation Association


Any school applying for membership to the WAUC may enter the organization for $400.00 and they must also pay their 2004 yearly dues simultaneously with the membership fee. Yearly dues for member schools are $2000.00. Therefore, new schools paying a total fee of $2400.00 will become members of the organization and have their dues paid until December of 2004. New members will also receive a substantial discount if they attend the annual WAUC conference April 25 - 27 2003 in London. For information about membership or the conference send an email to wauc@web-hed.com

The World Association of Universities and Colleges has been granted accreditation from the Design, Technology and Management Society International in South Africa and is registered in several countries abroad; including the U.S.A and Costa Rica johanp@telkomsa.net [pic]
Many alternative universities are examined by prospective students who wish to verify the authenticity of a post-secondary institution. The WAUC will respond to all e-mail inquiries relative to the academic validity of its member schools. In the case of other schools which are not part of the WAUC, the student must call these schools individually in order to make clear decisions about enrollment. Many fraudulent universities have existed in the past and many continue to exist. However, the determination of a good alternative school does not rest upon its approval from a U.S. recognized accreditation agency. In the U.S.A., the traditional government agencies and the regional accreditation associations are believed to work together with the purpose of eliminating schools who are financially competitive with…...

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