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Guide Question for #POPEPULAR
1. Describe Pope Francis (Jorge Marion Bergoglio) as a child, young, student , seminarism and Pope. * As a son to his parents, Pope Francis respects his parents so much. He is also an honest son to his parents . As a student, Pope Francis is a responsible student. He is a compassionate student who loves to help others. As a Pope, Pope Francis has a great leadership trait and his humility and his humanity are of his best traits.

2. Compare the life story of Pope Francis with the following modern day Filipino heroes: * Kristel Mae Padasas, was a catholic volunteer and she died during the Papal Mass for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda in Tacloban, while Pope Francis used to volunteer help when he was young. They are both helpful to the needy. * Dr. Edgardo Gomez is a world renowed marine biologist who was conferred the mark of National Scientist of Philippines last year, while Pope Francis was also an intelligent student when he was still studying. They are both dedicated in studying harder. * Joey Velasco, was a very talented painter known for his painting “Table of Hope”, while Pope Francis also love to paint. They both have artistic talent. * Ronald Gadayan, is a janitor who returned big amount of money he found at the airport, while Pope Francis is an honest student when he was young. * Mark Lory Clemencio, one of the Fallen 44 who died protecting our country, while Pope Francis is a hardworking person when he was still young. They are both determine on what they’re doing.
3. What are the sacrifices did Pope Francis make before he was ordained the ultimate leader of the Catholic church? * Before he was appointed as the Pope, Jorge Mario Bergoglio(Pope Francis) had so many struggle he past through. He graduated as Chemical Engineer but he choose to be a seminarist because that’s what his heart wants. It is a very…...

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