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Keeping Conversation Flowing

Some conversations refuse to flow. Often, this is a result of a clash of the conversational styles of the two people involved. One may be all enthusiasm and sympathy; the other may be quiter and more private. As a result, the other backs off. Another problem is when someone is not interested enough in the other person.

A. Improving Your Style

Good conversation requires diplomacy and tact. It is give and take. Avoid the following conversation killers:

1. Talking too much.

2. Talking too little.

3. Interrupting.

4. Too much personal disclosure.

5. Going into too much detail.

6. Constantly bringing the conversation back to you. The conversation of most people is all "I", "myself" and "me". Don't fall into this trap.

7. Trying to be funny all the time.

8. Imitating the other person's accent.

9. Being too critical.

Being Too Critical

Some people are hopeless perfectionists. The standards they demand of life are impossibly high. As a result, most things fall short of their standard and friends stay away from them. Little can be gained from being critical unless:

1. You are criticizing something that can actually be changed.

2. You offer an alternative to the thing you are criticizing.

3. You are specific and clear about what you are criticizing and why.

4. You let others know that what you are saying is only your opinion.

5. You balance your criticism with praise.

Remember that people can sense criticism even where it is not intended. Some people, for instance, can perceive criticism of themselves when a speaker lavishes praise on another. The following dialog shows this.

A. I saw Jenny yesterday.

B. Oh Jenny. She's an absolutely delightful person, so charming and generous, a wonderful person to be with.

C. Yes, (Thinks and what does…...

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