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“Why I Love a Country That Once Betrayed Me”

What is George Takei’s argument? What kind of evidence does he use to support it?
Takei’s argument is that the United States of America is based on a land where the existence of discrimination and racism is brought to a cease. This country was founded on these specific qualities, and that’s why Takei can still express his admiration for his nation because he still retains existing faith. He tells the story of his child hood when the U.S. denied him, his family, and fellow Americans with Japanese descent the rights of an American and even citizenship. He goes into detail about how they were imprisoned and then, when the government had a change of heart at the flip of a dime, because they needed more soldiers. They welcomed any of the prisoners the opportunity to die for a country that had forsaken them. But when the soldiers had proven themselves and overcome all obstacles including discrimination among society implemented by the U.S. government, they represented that this nation is redeemable and is a place where discrimination can go extinct.
What elements of argument do you see in the video?
Takei very effectively uses pathos, while telling his child hood stories of watching the pain in his mother’s eyes. “Something I will never forget.” Damage done to a boy by his own country, one that he was born into and that promised to protect him. He uses ethos to question the morality of the government how they so wrongfully ruined so many American lives, but when convenient for the government they allowed them one right, a right only granted to Americans and that was to fight for the U.S. Takei does not use images, photos, or media. He paints a clear image with his testimony that is clearer than any photo he could have displayed. He didn’t show images of other people suffering in the prisons, and he probably didn’t have…...

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