Technology Ruins the Childhood

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Technology ruins the childhood

When I look at my son, he seems to be so happy. I am trying hard to give him everything, make his life happier. I think that everybody is doing the same....
But is that the right thing to do?

Are we actually teaching our kids how to play....without toys, TV, internet, and all these people and rules telling them how to play? Or maybe we just deprive their imagination?

I remember when I was young...that was not really a long time ago
Everything was different. I did not need stuff to be happy.

When I was the same age as my son, soon after sunrise I was running away from home to see my friends. If my parents were lucky I came back home before it got dark. Today, kids instead of spending time outdoors are sitting in front of computers.
It seems to me that kids choose video games because they are easier than the normal old fashioned games. In virtual reality, anyone can be for example a football star. Playing delivers more fun when it is virtual, as you achieve greater success, when in reality only a few manage to stay famous people. But in all that there is not much room for invention and imagination.

Children spend too much time in front of screens (television, internet, mobile phones). That might form an opinion about basically everything. They could learn behaviours from reality shows like big brother, vulgar language, watch pornography, prohibited videos showing how to kill, take drugs or even be threatened and abused.
Too much of technology leads to ridiculous situations. Imagine four teenagers sitting in the same room sending messages to each other instead having a normal conversation. Kids nowadays are able to download new apps on iTunes but have no imagination to paint and draw. They are able to complete a new level of angry birds, but are not able to play themselves with toys. Kids are becoming lazier when it…...

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