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PRAC 530 Reflection Paper

Technology has been growing so rapidly has become the most important communication tool for business. Even for a non-technology related company like us, technology is utilized in every way in our daily operations. Before taking the class, I just simply use these technologies since they are required to get my jobs done, without giving too much thought about how they are affecting me and my work. But now I can see them from a different perspective. I understand how they work, why we use them, what benefits they bring, how to use them more efficiently, what the potential improvements are, and some of the issues existing in our systems or network.
Course Content
Throughout the course, we’ve studied every aspect of information technology. First, the detailed introduction, history, and benefits of IT gave me a basic understanding of computers and information technology. Study of internet and communication tools provided me more options for efficient web use and communications. Then we learned about computer hardwares, different parts computers consist of, and also input and output hardwares. During this section I learned a lot of the terms that I was not familiar with before. We also studied about the networks and different communication medias, cyber security issues and ways to safeguard these issues. It was very helpful to get more knowledge about database and how to do data mining more efficiently. We then analyzed the challenges of information technology. And finally we went through different types of personal technologies and their future.
Out of all these topics, I think different communication tools, database management, and cyber security are the most important content for me and most helpful for my work, because they provide me more options for effective communication, creative ways to analyze our data and reports, and made me…...

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