Teamwork in the Workplace

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Team Work in the Workplace

Crystal Mapes

Business Communication Skills for Health Care Professionals/ HCS/131

November 23rd, 2015
Elizabeth Bowman

Team Work in the Workplace

Team work in the workplace is essential it helps employees learn how to work together and is vital to the development of each staff member. Working in teams enhances problem-solving skills and improves overall organizational effectiveness. All members on the team can contribute expertise so that outcomes may be more successful. In order for teams to be effective each member needs to contribute ideas, acknowledge each other’s inputs, collaborate, and negotiate. Remain positive and be respectful.
Effective Team Communication and Collaboration Learning how to communicate and work well in team settings will help your career and your company. Communicating openly and honestly, understanding their purpose, think creatively, stay focused, and resolve conflict is all a part of effective teams. In order for teams to function optimally, the members need to operate on the basic of clearly defined goals. When working on a team you need to be able to make meaningful contributions to the group. Having the ability to think critically and solve problems logically are indispensable team skills. The success of any team is dependent upon the member’s abilities to voice their ideas clearly and concisely and to listen objectively. Conflict can be constructive if it forces important issues into the open, this increases the involvement of team members, and generates creative ideas for solving a problem. Conflict in a team setting isn’t necessarily bad, as long as team members can stay focused on the goal. To collaborate effectively, everyone involved needs to be flexible and open to other opinions, focusing on the team objectives rather than individual priorities. Working…...

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...Team and Teamwork really is. I have worked in different situations with different people and I strongly believe that Teamwork is basis for successful results. Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM) In today’s world TEAM and Team work plays an increasingly important role be it in any given situation. Chuck Page once said “A single leaf working alone provides no shade.” To succeed at the task in hand everyone involved needs to combine their efforts. If everyone does their job well, then team accomplishes more. One should realize the fact that great achievement can be made if individuals master the fundamentals and work together as one unit. Everyone has a unique role, but each person's individual role must be recognised and appreciated. Every team member is important and need to understand how important it is for him/her to work smoothly together for the benefit of both team and team member. Each player must be dedicated to the whole team and be willing to act unselfishly. When challenges arise (as they always do), the team needs to have the resources, accountability and commitment to deal with them in a constructive and positive manner. A sense of teamwork will play an integral part in this. When team members work together for the good of all, everyone achieves more, keeping in mind that the development of an effective team requires a positive attitude and dedication towards the teamwork, along with an understanding of what teamwork involves. To summarize Teamwork: *......

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...Webster’s College Dictionary defines a team as “a number of persons associated in some joint action” and teamwork as “cooperative effort on the part of a group of persons acting together as a team or in the interests of a common cause”.1 Teamwork in a classroom teaches students the fundamental skills associated with working as a collective unit toward a common goal. When students are required to work in teams it introduces a variety of skills that will be valuable for students later in the workforce, such as communication, compromise and collective effort. In any type of group work, students must agree about who will handle various components of a project and collaborate using one another’s strengths to accomplish assigned tasks.2 Which often teaches time management, resource allocation and communication skills. Teamwork can push people to expand their skills and learn from one another in ways that might have never occurred had they not be placed on the same team. Teamwork can encourage members to learn to respect and appreciate each other as well as promote a sense of belonging.3 Working on a team forces team members to spread knowledge and to do things in a way that other people on the team can pick up if necessary. Teamwork also increases accountability. Pressure from peers is a powerful force. Particularly if you are working with people whom you respect and do not want to let down, the motivation to help your team succeed can override the lack in motivation that...

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...aspects of nursing is teamwork. The Quality and Safety Education for Nurses define teamwork as “functioning effectively within nursing and inter-professional teams, fostering open communication, mutual respect, and shared decision making to achieve quality patient care” (Anunciado, 2014, p.140). Two examples of teamwork were showcased during my rotation in the heart catheterization laboratory and as a team leader on the Neurosurgery/Neurology floor. In the catheterization lab the healthcare team involved in each procedure included the doctor, registered nurse first assistant or technician, the circulating nurse, and the monitor. Those not involved with the procedure remained in the observation area with the monitor. Even though these staff members were not actively working on the patient they still observed and informed the monitor of things he/she missed. On that day the schedule contained five patients, the nurses and technicians rotated positions for each procedure while staying within their scope of practice. This allowed for each person a chance to have a break during different times of the day and relief from possible burn out in their position. Members of the team also stated that rotating positions in this area allowed for everyone to learn more about the procedures and decrease the occurrence of being short staffed at any given time. This example of teamwork exemplified respect, communication, and decision making that is needed in the workplace. I believe......

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...Abstract Teamwork is about several people doing different parts of a project and having it come together effectively and on time, like a puzzle of sorts. Directed by a motivated leader who guides the team by training and developing his or her team to perform at the highest level possible to reach the goals that were set to achieve. By setting clear roles and responsibilities for the team, having a team dynamic that works and is organized, as well as open communication, teamwork in the workplace can be an effective means of reaching desired goals. In order for a team to work best together they must forgo the four stages of team development. These four stages are Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing. Some of the best teams in the workplace are the more diverse. Diversity in teams is also an important concept in challenging collaboration for more diverse “out-of-the-box” thinking. Although these teams may be hard to come together in the beginning, these are the teams that usually end up thriving in the end. In some cases, teamwork can be infective in the workplace. Depending on the team dynamic, not all teams are going to get along. Change also happens which in some cases pushes teams apart. Having a strong leader is most important in making sure you team will function properly. Also, rewarding members of the team for successes is a good way to keep morale up and keep team members positive. Keywords: communication, motivation, leadership, change management, diversity,......

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...Organizations are increasingly becoming dynamic and unstable. Teamwork is an essential component in achieving high reliability particularly in healthcare organizations. A team consists of two or more individuals, who have specific roles, performs interdependent tasks, are adaptable and share a common goal. To work effectively together, team members must possess specific knowledge, skills and attitudes, such as the skills in monitoring each other’s performance, knowledge of their own and teammate’s task responsibilities and a positive disposition towards working in a team. Teamwork is critical for the delivery of healthcare. Physicians, nurses, pharmacists, technicians and other health professionals must coordinate their activities to deliver safe and efficient patient care. Characteristics of Effective Teams: Team Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes | Characteristics of Effective Teams (Salas, Sims, and Klein 2004) | Team leadership | Have a clear common purpose | | Team member roles are clear but not overly rigid | | Involve the right people in decisions | | Conduct effective meetings | | Establish and revise team goals and plans | | Team members believe the leaders care about them | | Distribute and assign work thoughtfully | Backup behavior | Compensate for each other | | Manage conflict well-team members confront each other effectively | | Regularly provide feedback to each other, both individually and as a team (“debrief”) | | “Deal”......

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...and teamwork in the workplace. What is job satisfaction? Job satisfaction is the extent of which people hopes, desires, expectation about the employment he or she is engaged in fulfilled. If I had a choice of either less money but interesting work or higher pay but boring job, then I would choose less money but interesting work. This is because I will feel happy working, confident and I will also fell safe as I will have met new people who are confident, hardworking they will give me confidence and feel safe. They will also make me feel like I don’t have to leave as I won’t be working in an unsafe working environment. However, if I was to work in a highly paid with a boring job then I would feel very unhappy as the job would have anything interesting to do. I would also feel like I would be forced to do work, bored, feel agitated to leave as I could be feeling like I would be pushed around because of the amount of money that I get paid. Explain teamwork and the benefits of team working. A team is a group of people who are working towards then same goal that is a combined of a group, especially when efficient. Teamwork in the workplace involves co-operation among employers. This co-operation is usually for the sake of a common goal that the entire team is working towards. It also involves relationships. The relationships that can develop between employee and employer. Teamwork can’t exist unless there is relational components even if it’s small component. Teamwork also...

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...Teamwork Speech Carmen Starks HCS/131 11/23/15 David Rodvien Thank you for giving me this opportunity to play a role in leadership. I want to talk about teamwork today. How important is teamwork in the workplace? What are some strategies we can use to communicate effectively as a team? What are some strategies we can use to collaborate better as a team? These are the questions I will be addressing today. The reason why teamwork is important in the workplace is to accomplish the goals that we set. One individual can’t take on the responsibility of achieving the goal. Teamwork is the process of working collaboratively with a group of people in order to achieve a common goal. ( Forming a team at work is fairly simple. Just get a few people together and there you have a formed team. If the team doesn’t work together, accomplishing goals will be impossible. Teamwork should be considered a bond. Teamwork promotes strength, reliability, trust, and support. What makes teamwork so important? Being a part of a team helps to achieve a goal faster. Even if there is a problem, all members are in it together, and finding a resolution would be done in a decent amount of time. ( Creativity is important in teamwork because each individual thinks differently and comes up with ideas on their own. Several heads are better than one. Encouraging teamwork in the workplace is recommended often because it allows one to see a better learning curve.......

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