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Panache Travel Group
Travel Agency - Upscale Business Plan

Executive Summary
Panache Travel Group (PTG) is a company which specializes in small, escorted luxury tour packages for discriminating clients. It will operate from two bases to better serve customers across the country: one in Salt Lake City, Utah; the other in New York, New York. The founders and employees of Panache Travel Group are experienced travelers and travel professionals who are knowledgeable, capable and passionate about the services Panache Travel Group will promote and offer.
Within the growing travel industry, PTG will focus on the niche market of luxury travel. Its primary clients are individuals, couples and affinity groups of high-net-worth who travel for leisure at least once per year. Seeking the ultimate travel experience, the target clients demand the finest quality activities and accommodations accompanied by a superior level of service. PTG will have a competitive advantage over others in this market by providing smaller, more exclusive package tours enabling the clients of these intimate groups to receive personal attention from the travel hosts. PTG will cultivate this niche with one-to-one contact with potential clients; personal contact with sophisticated travel agencies whose primary clientele targets our market; broad out-reach programs through various media; special events; and an inter-active, full-service website. We have all aspects of travel technology available to us through Panache Services. The founders and personnel of PTG have experience of their own with travel, luxury retailing, personal services to high-net-worth individuals, history of travel destinations and local languages.
To broaden market share and increase brand recognition, the luxury tour packages initially will be offered at slightly below market rate. As a result, short-term operating profit…...

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