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What process would you use for identifying project risks for a second Oresund Bridge project? What risks would you raise for each alternative?
I will use the Delphi technique. The reason why I will choose this process is because the Delphi Technique is a method used to estimate the likelihood and outcome of future events. A group of experts exchange views, and each individually gives estimates and assumptions to a facilitator who reviews the data and issues a summary report.
The group members discuss and review the summary report individually, and give updated forecasts to the facilitator, who again reviews the material and issues a second report. This process continues until all participants reach a consensus. * What process would you use for categorizing project risks for a second Oresund Bridge project? How would you actually categorize them?
I will use the Risk Breakdown Structure, because it is “A source-oriented grouping of project risks that
Organizes and defines the total risk exposure of the project. Each descending level represents an increasingly detailed definition of sources of risk to the project.” The RBS is therefore a hierarchical structure of potential risk sources. The value of the RBS can be an invaluable aid to understanding the risks faced by the project.

* What process would you use for ranking project risks for a second Oresund Bridge project? How would you actually rank them?
I will use the Qualitative risk analysis process because it assesses the priority of identified risks using their probability of occurring, the corresponding impact on project objectives if the risks do occur, as well as other factors such as the time frame and risk tolerance of the project constraints of cost, schedule, scope, and quality.

* How would you identify the key decision paths and options that can be anticipated in the project? What…...

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