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Recruiting guide for Store Associates

Position: Store Associate
Reports to: Store Manager, General Manager
Qualifications: None/ All applicants are considered
Relevant labor market: Western Washington
Timeline: Week of 5/21: Conduct interviews with qualified candidates 6/15: Targeted hire date

Activities to undertake source well candidates: * Local and regional newspapers, radio stations, Internet, and televisions * Posting of openings to company vacancy website * Provide Kiosk for applicants to apply for vacant positions * Outsource vacancies to staffing agencies * State Job Service * Utilize employees for referrals and continue to offer incentives to motivate internal employees

Staff members involved: * Vice President of Human Resources * Human Resources Recruiting Manager * Department Managers * Shift Leaders * Direct Reports



2. Tanglewood possesses a 50% turnover rate therefore open recruitment works to the advantage of managers. Human resources provide a pool of candidates to interview allowing managers the opportunity to determine employees that will be a great fit for the department. Also considering the company possesses such high turn over rate more individuals need to be interviewed to ensure great applicants are hired increasing retainment and reducing the turnover rate, as Tanglewood would like to remain reputable within the customer service realm. Also considering there are no set qualifications to work as a Sales Associate open recruitment would be the best recruiting method.

3. After reviewing the data presented in Appendix B it looks as if all regions utilize media, referrals, and provides the kiosk for applicants to visit Tanglewood onsite completing their application. The only region offering all four…...

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