Tameka's Major Fall

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Tameka’s Major Fall

On October 8,2002 my little sister Tameka was born. I loved her oh so much, because she was my first and only sister. I looked after her when my mom went out. I changed her diapers, and made her bottle even though I was young myself. I always held her sitting down, because my mother didn’t trust me holding her standing up. In my mind I knew for a fact I could hold her, because she was little and I was strong. I will never forget when I dropped her on her head on my grandmother’s crooked stairs. One day my mother went out, and left us with my grandma. My grandmother’s house was much bigger and spacious than ours. I didn’t like going there though, because it always smelled like mothballs. Her kitchen was a different type of clean. Her kitchen always had a fly tape hanging from her light, right above the table where we ate. Her freezer was always full of ice everywhere, like a wild blizzard in Massachusetts. To top it off, the kitchen was of course on the last floor. Her house had three floors, but my sister and I stayed on the second floor. We weren’t allowed in her living room with her new, covered up, white sofas. If Tameka got hungry I would have to run all the ways downstairs to make her bottle. If she continued to cry I would have to walk throughout the house to make her stop. My grandmother believed the only way she would stop crying is to strap her up in the back seat of the car and drive around. With that being the case, I had to get Tameka dressed. I had to wrap her up tightly, because it was freezing outside. My grandmother had her car seat, and her own bags. I had to carry her in my arms with her baby nag. My grandmother asked me a couple of times did I have her, and I told her I had her. I had her walking down the…...

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