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Assignment System Evaluation Paper

As before when I wrote a paper for this assignment, thye company that I talked about was Walmart. At this time I going to talk about a company that I worked many years back when I was younger. The company is Wendy's, as you know that Wendy's is a restaurant instead of a shoppingg center, so in some ways, job ethics and responsibilities is going to be different.


As employees of Wendy's, you represent the Company. Your interactions with stockholders, franchisees, customers, suppliers, vendors and all other persons or entities must reflect the values and ethics of Wendy's. In all such contacts, it is important to observe certain standards of conduct. You should treat each person you encounter with respect and professionalism.

Earn Franchisee, Supplier and Customer Trust. The Company's reputation for integrity is tested every day by the way you treat the people with whom you do business. Honesty, fairness and keeping commitments must be hallmarks of the way you do business.

Present the Company Truthfully. Communications should reinforce a sense of trust in the Company. Whether statements are channeled through franchisees, customers, stockholders, the analyst community, suppliers, trade groups, the mass media or made in private conversation, "honesty is the best policy." Public statements should be sufficiently candid, clear and complete so that they neither mislead nor lend themselves to misinterpretation. However, material non-public information may not be disclosed without approval from the Legal Department.

Wendy's is also committed to full compliance with all requirements applicable to its public disclosures and those of Wendy's, including reports filed or furnished to securities regulators by Wendy's. All of our business communications should be timely, clear and accurate. It is a violation of our policy to misrepresent our financial performance or otherwise compromise the integrity of our financial statements or other disclosures. All press releases intended for the investor or franchisee communities must first be reviewed and approved by the Legal Department.

Treat Business Colleagues Professionally. Act professionally and conscientiously in making business decisions. Personal relationships must never interfere, or give the appearance of interfering, with business actions, judgments or decisions.

When making decisions, weigh all factors impartially and without prejudice and make all decisions based solely on merit.

Honor your agreements and do not encourage or interfere with other parties' contracts or agreements.

Communicate clearly and effectively. Think before you speak and write and be proud of what you say and write. Be clear and objective, and write as if your communication will appear on the front page of The Wall Street Journal or The New York Times.

Do not discuss areas beyond your knowledge or expertise.

Maintaining Product Quality and Food Safety.

Customers deserve the highest quality products and service, in surroundings that are clean, attractive and comfortable. Our goal is to constantly exceed our customers' expectations – every day, and in every restaurant. Wendy's continually monitors our products and services and works hard to improve them. We all must assist in this process by reporting anything that could damage our reputation for quality.
To make sure our customers receive safe, wholesome food, we must:

Maintain strict standards for raw products that meet or exceed government requirements;

Adhere to a strict food safety testing program;

Follow rigid food handling and preparation procedures in every restaurant, every day;

Understand and maintain proper food-handling procedures and personal hygiene practices;

Immediately pull any product suspected to be unsafe until a food safety review can be completed; and

Remain vigilant: keep monitoring and improving our processes to maintain product safety.


An employee's business decisions must always be in the best interests of Wendy's. Employees have an obligation to avoid any business, financial or other relationships that might conflict with the interests of Wendy's or create the appearance of such a conflict. Make every effort to avoid situations that could compromise independent judgment, but if a problem arises, handle it forthrightly and honorably.

As an employee of Wendy's, it is your responsibility to report promptly to the Legal Department and your supervisor any activity in which you are engaged that might be deemed a conflict of interest. They will determine if a conflict exists and establish controls to prevent abuse or, if such control is not feasible, they can require that you terminate the activity in question or divest your interest in any relevant transaction as a condition of continued employment. Managers who require guidance in this evaluation should contact the Legal Department for assistance.

Each year, employees in management positions should be prepared, if requested, to submit a statement covering any entertainment, gifts or services that they or their staffs have accepted. Any items that have been accepted must be reported at that time, whether or not they were previously discussed with any superior.

There are some common relationships or circumstances that can create, or give the appearance of, a conflict of interest. The situations generally involve gifts and business or financial dealings or investments. The following areas are intended to clarify the obligations of employees in these circumstances.

Gifts, Entertainment, and Other Inducements.

Gifts, favors, tickets, entertainment and other such inducements may be attempts to "purchase" favorable treatment. Accepting such inducements could raise doubts about your ability to make independent business judgments and the Company's commitment to treating people fairly. Keep in mind that certain inducements may be defined as bribes, payoffs or kickbacks, which are illegal as described above.

You may accept entertainment, such as an occasional golf outing in your home city or at the location of a business meeting and business meals, if they are in line with accepted business practice, could not be construed as potentially influencing your business judgment or creating an obligation on your part, and if public knowledge thereof would not embarrass you or the Company. When such business activities occur frequently, such costs should be shared or paid for on a reciprocal basis. From time to time, employees may be invited to a meeting or special event (primarily social in nature), which may involve similar offers to large numbers of people from the same type of business. If prior approval has been given by either the Chief Executive Officer or your Senior Team member, such events may be attended. However, in requesting such permission, the employee involved must document the advantage to Wendy's in attending such a special event. If the event is held at a very expensive resort location, it is unlikely that permission will be granted because the appearance of impropriety may outweigh the advantage of attendance.

You may accept infrequent, nominal gifts valued at less than $100. Gifts of greater value may be accepted if protocol, courtesy or other special circumstances exist, as sometimes happens with international transactions; however, all such gifts must be reported to the Compliance Officer who will determine if you may keep the gift or must return it or whether it should more appropriately become Company property. Frequently, gifts of food are given by vendors at holiday time. If possible, these gifts should be shared with your team.

You may never accept cash or cash equivalents such as gift cards. You may not benefit personally from any purchase of goods or services for Wendy's or derive any personal gain from transactions made on behalf of Wendy's Employees should never solicit gifts from vendors or suppliers to support Company events or employee incentive programs except for large meetings such as the Convention or National Franchise Conference where the Company believes there is a benefit to participating vendors and suppliers. Examples of prohibited solicitations include items such as door prizes, soft drinks and water, food donations, and merchandise donations. Solicitation of support for charitable purposes may only be made through the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.

These policies apply equally to giving. Apart from formally-approved Wendy's incentive marketing programs conducted in the ordinary course of business, gifts and entertainment for current or prospective franchisees, customers or suppliers should be in line with customary business practice. They should be avoided where disclosure would cause negative publicity. You should limit the gift to items having a nominal value and you must obtain prior approval from your supervisor. If the cost is reasonable and done infrequently, employees may pay for minor hospitality in connection with business activities, such as an occasional meal or entertainment. When such business activities occur frequently, such costs should be shared or paid for on a reciprocal basis.

Tax laws limit the deductibility of gifts to employees of non-governmental clients, prospects, or suppliers. Gifts must be separately reported and listed so that the necessary information will be available for inclusion in Wendy's tax returns.

Investments and Other Business Interests. A conflict of interest exists when employees have a personal interest in a business or financial venture that may be at variance with the interests of Wendy's. Employees are expected to devote their time, efforts and loyalty to Wendy's business. Any involvement by employees in any other business must be strictly limited, regardless of whether such business relates in any way to the business of Wendy's. These conflict of interest guidelines apply not only to employees, but also their immediate family members living in their homes. Employees should obtain prior approval from the Legal Department before entering into a business transaction that could create a conflict of interest.

Business transactions that benefit family members give an appearance of impropriety. Your family members may not have a personal financial interest in, accept any payments whatsoever from, enter into contracts with, or otherwise establish a business relationship with the Company or its franchisees or suppliers except as has been approved in advance by the Legal Department. Notify your supervisor and the Compliance Officer or the General Counsel immediately if any of your family members are employed by, give advice to, or otherwise have an interest in the Company, or a Company supplier, or franchisee.

Although we cannot anticipate every situation that might create or be a conflict of interest in financial/investment dealings, the following are examples of conflicts:

Working for, serving as a partner, officer or director of, or having a significant stockholding in a business enterprise that does business with or competes with the Company;

Buying, leasing or selling property from, or to, Wendy's, or near locations known to be of interest to the Company or its franchisees;

Accepting payments, services or loans not available to the general public from, or rendering consulting services to, persons or entities dealing or contemplating dealing with Wendy's, or in competition with the Company;

Acting on behalf of, or advising, a franchisee, competitor, supplier, lessor or lessee in dealings with Wendy's, or similar activities by members of an employee's immediate family;

The active commitment of time devoted to the management of any other business enterprise, which would take time away from your normal work schedule or responsibility; and

Taking for yourself business opportunities that rightfully belong to the Company.

Financial interest does not include ownership of securities in a corporation if all of the following conditions are met:

The securities are traded on a national exchange, or over the counter and regularly reported in the financial press;

You do not own more than 1/10th of 1% of the corporation's outstanding securities; and

The market value of the securities you own is no more than 25% of your gross income for the most recent calendar year.


In many instances, Wendy's purchases goods or services from a supplier who also buys goods or services from us. This practice is normal and acceptable, but any form of pressure for reciprocity with that supplier is not. Suppliers must not be asked to buy our products or services in order to become or continue to be a supplier of ours.


The way the Company protects its assets sends a signal to the public not only about standards of care but also about integrity. Use of Company assets for any unlawful purpose is strictly prohibited. Our assets are much more than our equipment, inventory, corporate funds and supplies. They include concepts, business strategies and plans, financial data, intellectual property rights and other information about our business. Each employee is personally accountable for the safekeeping, maintenance and proper and efficient utilization of Wendy's assets over which he or she has control and must protect those assets against both intentional and unintentional loss or damage. Theft, carelessness and waste have a direct impact on the Company's profitability.

The Company provides a wide variety of assets as resources for its employees in conducting Company business, such as computers, communications systems and other equipment and materials. We expect all employees to use reasonable judgment and discretion so that Company assets are used for legitimate business purposes. Items such as food, funds, season tickets, equipment and supplies should be used only for legitimate business purposes or for charitable purposes authorized by designated management. In addition, Wendy's food, equipment or supplies should not be sold, loaned, given away or otherwise disposed of, regardless of condition or value, without the prior approval of designated management. On occasion, some assets of the Company that are no longer needed in the business may be sold to employees. These sales must be supported by properly approved documentation signed by an appropriate authority other than the employee making the purchase.

Using Company Computers and Other Technology.

Computers and electronic information are essential tools to support our business. We all must ensure that we are using technology appropriately. As noted in the Company’s Information Security Policy and other HR policies and procedures, using the Company’s computers or other technologies to gather or distribute offensive, sexually suggestive, discriminatory, harassing, pornographic or other inappropriate data or information is not allowed, whether during or after work. Electronic messages should be composed with the same care you take in composing any other Company document. Electronic messages are a lasting and recoverable written record and can easily be copied and forwarded worldwide without your knowledge or consent. You should not use the Company’s e-mail system to advance personal or political views, communicate jokes or inappropriate sexually explicit or offensive statements, send unauthorized solicitations or chain letters or conduct business for another organization. The use of profanity, derogatory remarks, discriminating or harassing comments, innuendo and threatening or abusive language is strictly prohibited.

To keep our computer systems and information secure, we need to take necessary actions to safeguard all passwords and identification codes to prevent unauthorized access. Wendy's reserves the right to block offensive, illegal and non-business related sites and to monitor and intercept the entire content of any messages transmitted or stored in its system, including information that has been deleted by users. You should not expect privacy when using e-mail and the Internet. The Company monitors e-mail and Internet access to ensure they are used responsibly and professionally. Monitoring activities, when undertaken, will comply with any statutory requirements.


Company Information.

Confidential information includes information regarding the Company's employees, customers, trade secrets, assets, finances, manufacturing processes, equipment, inventions, designs, vendors, intellectual property, business plans and strategies, pricing strategies, marketing data and strategies, sales, terms, costs, distribution, technical expertise and other non-public information. Confidential information also includes the programs, processes, data, plans and strategies you develop while an employee of Wendy's. Confidential information does not need to be marked "confidential" in order to be treated as such. It is information not generally known to the public at large or in the industry we are in and that provides us with a competitive advantage.

If you have doubts about whether information is confidential, consider whether a competitor would be at an advantage in having it or whether you or another person or company (including stockholders of a company) would benefit from its disclosure. If the answer is yes, then the information should be treated as confidential, and you must seek Legal Department approval before disclosing it.

It is critical to remember that confidential information learned or developed during the course of your employment is the exclusive property of the Company and may not be disclosed to any other party without the Company's prior consent. It may not be used to advance any person’s or company's interest except that of Wendy's, either during your employment or after you have left the Company. Only Wendy's determines who is entitled to possess or use such data, except when the law requires otherwise. You must return all confidential information or documents containing such information to the Company upon your departure.

Personnel and benefits records are considered highly confidential information that may not be duplicated or removed from Wendy's premises without the prior consent of the head of the Human Resources Department, the Compliance Officer or an executive officer of the Company and in some cases, the individual employee's prior consent. Such information is private and sensitive and must be handled in accordance with all applicable laws.

Examples of personal data include personal, employment, medical, financial and education and training information. Most countries have laws regulating the collection and use of personal data, although the types of data covered, the nature of the protection, and local enforcement mechanisms vary. Wendy's policy is to comply with all such applicable laws. All employees are responsible for ensuring compliance with the data privacy requirements under such laws and regulations and under the Company guidelines and policies. Employees may be required to attend training.

Do not discuss confidential information with people outside Wendy's, including family members. Do not leave confidential records or documents in places where others may read them. Do not discuss or work with Wendy's data in public areas where the conversation may be overheard or the data compromised.

Treat all confidential information with care. Mark written materials "confidential" and never discuss confidential information in public places, including elevators and restrooms. The intentional or inadvertent disclosure of confidential information can seriously damage Wendy's and cause disadvantage in its business dealings. Discussions and disclosure of such information must be strictly limited to those authorized persons who have a need to know. Questions regarding disclosure should be directed to the Legal Department.

We respect the trade secrets, copyrights, trademarks, and patent rights of others. Unless authorized by the owner, or if the use is an otherwise permitted use under the law, copying of such material may violate the law and the Code. Do not disclose any previous employer's confidential information without written consent of that employer. If you leave Wendy's, you have a continuing obligation to protect Wendy's confidential information. Improper receipt of others' confidential information may expose Wendy's to potential legal liabilities. Improper disclosure of Company confidential information may result in the loss of valuable intellectual property rights. Do not ask for or disclose information that should remain private.

Franchisee, Supplier or Customer Information.

The nature of Wendy's business gives many employees access to critical business information about franchisees, suppliers and, in some cases, personal information about customers. Maintaining their trust requires that you protect the confidentiality of this information. Information about a franchisee's or supplier's business is confidential as is personal information about customers. Disclosure within the Company should only be on a business "need to know" basis. Disclosure to outsiders, except to comply with legal requirements, is not only inconsistent with this Code but in some cases may also be illegal.

Computer Security.

All software and data resident on all computers, whether in production or being tested by the Company, are the sole and exclusive property of Wendy's. Your password must be protected and must not be disclosed to any other individual. You should protect any Company owned or provided personal computer to ensure that its data, software and hardware are not misused.

You should not introduce to any computer of the Company any software that is not properly licensed or lawfully acquired. If you download data from bulletin boards, network services or the Internet, you must first scan the data by virus detection software before it is introduced to any Company network environment. You must obtain prior written approval from the Information Technology Department before introducing any new software to the network. Under no circumstances should you duplicate Company-owned or licensed software for use on personal or Company-owned equipment without prior authorization from the Information Technology Department. Copying such software could be illegal and result in fines and penalties to the Company and to you. Voice and electronic mail and messages generated or received at the office or on office systems are not confidential. The Company reserves the right, at any time and without prior notification, to enter the voice mail and electronic mail systems to monitor, review, copy, print or delete any messages, to disclose messages to others or to use them for any purpose. For additional information, you should refer

to the Company's Information Security Policy, which can be accessed on the Company's intranet.In addition, the Company reserves the right, at any time and without prior notification, to monitor internet usage at the office or on office systems.


As concerned and responsible citizens, employees of Wendy's are encouraged to participate in community activities. Wendy's will strive to:

Function as an integral part of the local communities in which it conducts its business operations; and

Remain keenly aware of the benefits it and its employees receive from participating in any activities that improve the health, well-being, education and culture of the community.

Being partners with our communities, we have a responsibility to support and share in the development of social and civic activities to enhance our quality of life.

When the Company elects to participate in a community project and utilize limited employee time and Company resources, management will communicate to affected employees in advance that the effort is a Company sponsored project. Be sure to separate your personal community activities from your work. Pursue community activities on your own time, with your own resources and as an individual private citizen, not as a representative of Wendy's. Do not claim to represent, or imply representation of, the Company to the public or in any public process or forum unless specifically requested to do so by management.


Employees are encouraged to participate in the political process and vote for the candidates or issues of their choice. Active political participation is the personal choice of each employee and should be conducted on your own time in your role as a private citizen and not on behalf of the Company.

It is strictly prohibited for individual employees to use the funds of Wendy's or its name, assets or property for political purposes or endorsement, whether directly or indirectly. It is also against Company policy to include, directly or indirectly, any political contribution on your expense account or in any other way that causes the Company to reimburse you for that expense. In general, the cost of fund-raising tickets for political functions is considered a political contribution. Therefore, including the cost of any such fund-raising dinner on an expense account, even if business is in fact discussed, is against Company policy and in some cases illegal.

From time to time, Wendy's may, within the limits of the law and through the Wendy's Political Action Committee, support a particular candidate, or support or criticize proposed legislation, regulations or rulings that might impact the business environment in which the Company operates. Our employees are welcome, though not obligated or expected, to participate in such activities.

The political process has become highly regulated, and anyone who has any question about what is or is not proper should consult with the Legal Department before agreeing to do anything that could be construed as involving Wendy's in any political activity at either the federal, state or local level in the United States or in any foreign country.…...

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Assignment System Evaluation Paper

...Assignment System Evaluation Paper Alicia Crawford IT\205 September 21, 2014 Cemal Tepe Epic is privately held health care software company. In 1979, it was established by Judith Faulkner. The organization central command was in Madison, Wisconsin, yet in 2005 the organization moved to Vernon, Wisconsin. The product's business is health awareness associations, and it is a fascinating suite of human services programming fixated on a MUMPS database. (Massachusetts General Hospital Utility Multiple Programming System). It is a programming dialect that was made in the 1960 and afterward utilized for the health awareness associations. It is an altogether different language structure dialect and wording. MUMPS is an inherent database, empowering high- level access to plate stockpiling, utilizing a basic typical project variables. The programming dialect is likewise utilized as a part of keeping money systems and internet exchanging administrations. With the advancement of a prebuilt database, Epic programming is effortlessly introduced and kept up to the current IT framework in the association. Epic System gives the human services administration programming that incorporates monetary and clinical data over the association in one database. The frameworks programming incorporates booking, charging, enrollment, research facility, serious forethought offices, crisis, healing center drug store, radiology, surgery, inpatient, outpatient,......

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System Evaluation Paper

...System Evaluation Paper Name CIS/207 July 7, 2014 Instructor System Evaluation Paper Apollo Company has had multiple systems to help the company perform everyday tasks. Only about two years ago the Apollo Company decided to look at how many systems were being used and why the company was using many systems at one time. Customer service had a system; sales had a system, customer support had a system, and finance had a system. These systems did not include systems for human resources and more. In all, the company realized that there were too many systems and wanted to see if there was a way to have fewer systems. After meeting with several vendors, the Apollo Company made the decision to look into a way to have customer service, sales, customer support, and finance on one system. The process to find the right system took a little over six months but the Apollo Company finally decided to make a change. The old system would be replaced by Customer Relationship Management (CRM) that would run through Salesforce. The company hired Salesforce to come in and see the old system. Salesforce immediately explained that there was a way to have all the systems into one and that by using Salesforce this would be possible with a new monitoring system. CRM is data driven, constantly changing and will even connect customer feedback or comments through social media with the new system (Rainder, Prince, & Cegielski, 2014). The system used is how the client is built......

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System Evaluation Paper

...System Evaluation Paper CIS/207 January 05,2014 The system I will be discussing is used in an organization that I used to work in many years ago, but working in the medical environment, all systems seem to tie into new technology and growth for businesses to streamline, be cost effective, save time and to be able to manage the environment by a click of a mouse. The system used while I was working as an EMT, (Emergency Medical Technician) initially started with just radio communication between the ambulance and the ER. All documentation was written on a triplicate carbon progress note. The paperwork would be legal documentation that would transfer to the ER to continue with treating the patient. As new technology, insurance requirements, and federal and state guidelines changed regarding legibility of these documents so came the introduction of the wireless mobile units, which later developed into the use of a laptop and also integration of software that allowed the ability to transfer medical documentation in real time to any ER (Emergency Room) facility. The system also provides for the use of GPS (Global positioning system) tracking, which would give accurate locations of accident or emergencies. The new technology allows the portable system to be taken right to the patient, whether the patient is on the first floor, tenth floor or stuck in the attic. In years past, the assessment for the patient and medical history would have to wait until the......

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Hist 410 Week 7 Research Paper

...HIST 410 WEEK 7 RESEARCH PAPER To purchase this visit following link: Contact us at: SUPPORT@ACTIVITYMODE.COM HIST 410 WEEK 7 RESEARCH PAPER Identify a significant historical event that occurred between 1945 and 2008 that has had positive and/or negative consequences (e.g. the Truman Doctrine, the Arab-Israeli Six-Day War, 9/11, the war in Afghanistan, etc.), and defend your selection as a significant contemporary event. The paper should include the following. • Identify and describe the historical event. • Analyze the historical and contemporary causes of the event. • Analyze different historical interpretations of the event. • Evaluate the positive and negative outcomes of the event. The Final Paper should be 8–10 pages in length and use proper APA formatting. HIST 410 WEEK 7 RESEARCH PAPER To purchase this visit following link: Contact us at: SUPPORT@ACTIVITYMODE.COM HIST 410 WEEK 7 RESEARCH PAPER Identify a significant historical event that occurred between 1945 and 2008 that has had positive and/or negative consequences (e.g. the Truman Doctrine, the Arab-Israeli Six-Day War, 9/11, the war in Afghanistan, etc.), and defend your selection as a significant contemporary event. The paper should include the following. • Identify and describe the historical event. • Analyze the historical and contemporary causes of the......

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Final Marketing Paper Week 7

...HSM430—Planning and Marketing for Health Services Organizations | FINAL COURSE PAPER | New Orleans Public Hospital | 8/21/2011 | Final Course Paper HSM430 Planning and Marketing for Health Services Organizations My market analysis is that New Orleans needs a public hospital and needs one rather badly. It’s been since August 29, 2005, that this city has been without a “true operational” public hospital and that is one year too long. I will include demographics of the area and citizens, a marketing analysis and a sure marketing plan to get this project from a dream to a reality. As I have stated in the above paragraph, my demographic site will be the New Orleans Metropolitan Area. The parishes that will be covered are Orleans and Jefferson Parish. The cities involved will be New Orleans, Metairie and Kenner. In 2006, New Orleans had an estimate of 223,388 citizens. The figure for New Orleans is low based on the year before Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and devastated the city. A great number of citizens left the city and the state. In 2010, Jefferson Parish had 432,552 citizens. The state of Louisiana in 2010 had 4,533,372 citizens. Of the citizens that live in Jefferson Paris , persons 65 years old and over was 13.7%. Females represented 51.9%, White persons 62.9%, black persons 26.3% American Indian and Alaska persons, 0.5%, Asian persons 3.9%, persons of Hispanic or Latino origin 12.4%. High school graduates over the age of 25......

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