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Swot and Strategy Evaluation

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SWOT and Strategy Evaluation Paper
Tonja Evans
September 21, 2015
Steven Mersereau

SWOT and Strategy Evaluation Paper
Gambling in the United States along includes about 3,000 establishments and an annual revenue of a little less than $100,000. Worldwide, gambling generates over $450 billion in annual revenue, according to Global Betting and Gaming Consultants. Gambling industries includes casinos, state lotteries, bingo parlors, electronic betting arcades, electronic horse racing, online gambling and sports bookmakers. This industries includes casino operations of casino resorts and hotels as well.
The demand for gambling is driven by consumer’s growth and state spending and profit depends on efficient operation and effective marketing. The competitive landscape of the industries in the United States is concentrated ad the top 50 companies account for about 60% which lead hotel casino more concentrated and about 90% of revenue out of the 50 companies.
The Product, Operation and Technology is slot machines, table games, such as roulette, blackjack and poker (both table and video) in a place to play games of chance. The operation of casino involves gambling machines, training and supervising dealer and cashiers, entertaining customers, and managing cash. The industry attract and retain customers and some casino business to operate in hotel that can accommodate large numbers of guest such as Las Vegas, and Atlantic City. These hotels can house up to 6,000 hotel rooms with accommodations and open 2,000 slot machines, up to 150 table games, restaurants, bars and retail stores.
State lottery games are sold through special computer terminals at retail stores rented by the state which allow gamblers to guess a randomly drawn number or purchase instant games, such as scratch off. And most state earmark the proceeding from the lottery to social…...

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