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Name: Nguyen Tu Anh
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Debate paper 1
Topic: Is it ever right to try to create a superior human being? - aye
When asking the question “Is it ever right to try to create superior human being?” we are actually raising two issues: whether it is justifiable to attempt to create superior human being in the first place and whether the being created is the right cause for that attempt. In this essay I would like to argue in favor of this argument, firstly by pointing out some benefits of creating a superior human being, followed by responding to possible oppositions against each of the two interpretations of the original question.
In my opinion, a superior human is a being with higher capacities than present human. Physically this may equate stronger muscles, enhanced senses, immunity against diseases, ability to shape body according to desire (Bostrom, 2005, p6). Superior human beings also have greater intellectual ability, emotional control and higher morality. With those enhanced abilities, superior humans may actually achieve what we have always thought impossible due to the limitation of our lifespan and our human mind, such as finding the answer to all philosophical questions or discovering the ultimate scientific truths (Bostrom, 2005, p5). They can help us solve the problems existing in our world nowadays, such as poverty, racial and religious conflicts, environmental problems… It should also be noted that if being superior means to be better than norm, then this concept of superiority is just temporary, because norm is variable. What we value today may not be as valuable tomorrow, and what is superior now may become normal in the future if all humans can be superior in any way they want to. To me that is one of the attractions of creating a superior human being, because it is a nonstop progress. Neither humans nor the…...

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