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This paper discusses the key areas of the Cheeseckae Factory code of conduct. We will identify the importance of the code of conduct, why this company sucess is important.I will also discuss how this company can easily implement the code of conduct ,and how the company can engage in socially responsive activities in tthe community in which it operates.

When studying the Cheesecake factory and how the operations run, i have learn that when it comes to their code of conduct it is quite large.
With in the code of conduct i have notice how important a few rules are and to how they run their business. One this that i did notice is how important the code of conduct is due to the fact that it lays out how the company may run and work in order for it to be sucessful. It is also important that the staff and employees must understand the Cheesecake Factory ethnics and belief systems due to the fact that it may differ with regards to cultural conetent values, and beliefs within the company.
When looking at the code of contact i what i notice first is conflict of interest. Within the code of conduct this company states that and employee mush avoid situations or job choices that may that may hurt them or go against their competors and work both jobs. Also this will help the company so that the employess, can not allowing them to give special treatment or discounts to such as family, friend , church families, etc. If Cheesecake
Factory would allow such thing to exist or go on it could hender the sucess for the company to make profit or…...

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